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A Day in New York, On Camera

Broadway Autumn Street Fair

We were in the city this Saturday and just happened to pass by this street fair at Broadway between Waverly St. and 14th St.. Let’s let the pictures tell the story. Continue reading


Re-publishing Bizarre Mooncakes

I accidentally published Bizarre Mooncakes yesterday and immediately un-published it. Today I re-published it and found it didn’t show up at the top as I expected it to be. So in case you missed this very “delicious” post, here it is.

Theme Change: Style or Functionality?

As you see I have changed the theme of this blog. It was a very painful decision. I really love the look of my previous theme “Thirteen” (created by Beccary), which has such a classic, elegant feel it brings peace to my mind just looking at it.

However, good things always come at a price. “Thirteen” is also a two column with lots of blank space on both the left sidebar and the right hand side. Continue reading

DWTS Week 1 Results: Fan Base

No surprises. Josie went home, as I expected. Like she said in her clip, “being a model you only need to look good, you don’t have to train the strength”, and Alec summed up “(she is) deceptively unfit”, I don’t think many people were shocked that she’s gone.

What was a little surprising was Mark Cuban was the bottom man, not Floyd. Considering their physical talent and body attributes, I would think Floyd should’ve danced a lot better than Cuban, but in fact he did worse. Fan base is always a big factor in the first week. Continue reading

Bizarre Mooncakes

An idea inspired by some comments made in my post Moon Festival: Celebration of Togetherness, here is a collection of some of the most novel, intriguing, <put your own adjective here> modern mooncake fillings that I’ve seen mentioned on the web (in large part thanks to wikipedia).

Disclaimer: I have not tasted any one of them.


Continue reading

DWTS Season 5 Opener, the Men

Two things I didn’t expect to happen happened tonight:

1. Mark Cuban is better than I thought.
I like how he said he’s doing this for his little daughter.

2. Helio Castroneves is way better than I thought.
Before the show I was saying to my hubby that a race car driver would have nothing but upper body strength, when lower body is probably the more important portion in dancing. It turns out that Continue reading

Moon Festival: Celebration of Togetherness

Full Moon

First let me say this really loud,

Happy Moon Festival to Everyone!

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