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2009 in Facebook Status

There are lots of truth in the belief that Facebook is killing casual blogging. I look back at my FB statuses written in the past year and realize at least 80% of them could have been made into blog posts, had I wanted or taken the time. To make up for my laziness, here are my year 2009 in Facebook status*:

*I took out some for privacy and other reasons


was singing/dancing/freezing herself to death on the coldest night ever, watching White Plains new year ball drop & welcoming 2009 from the bottom of her heart!

thinks this is hilarious: Delete 10 FB Friends, Get a Free Whopper

had a terrific reunion with some folks she hasn’t seen for 12 years, then didn’t get home until 1am cuz friend’s car got towed for parking overtime.

is feeling the new year of Ox but is not quite there yet… (20 minutes…)

is spending the night calling families in China.

just got a Quicken promo email: On Valentine’s Day, Nothing is better than hearing the 3 magical words… “Get Cash Back.”


is invited over to watch Super Bowl with a bunch of Steelers fans/friends, even though she barely knows anything about football and is carrying cold virus.

got a quiz request from a friend that says: “xxx wants to know: Are You Weird?”… So that’s what happens to you after you tell people 25 things??

took two movie quizzes yesterday and scored awfully in both.

just came back from “The Reader” and doesn’t feel like talking.

is enjoying the Oscars very much so far.

had the best time watching art and brilliance be celebrated, talent and passion be rewarded. There aren’t many things better than that.


says the fact that 3 SYTYCD (her fav show) ex-finalists will be dancing as pros on the new DWTS (her other fav show) season suits her just fine.

had Chicken Lollipop, Dhedo, a super hot “Bhutanese National Dish”, and many other things Tibetan/Nepali at Himalalyan Yak. She’d definitely go there again…

“What’s on your mind?” So we don’t have to talk in third person any more? I sure am gonna miss That

just did archery for the 1st time ever..

My cat just vomited a hairball in my handbag. My cellphone’s smelling like chicken.

just came back from Chavin and thinks it’s a crime a half Peruvian rotisserie chicken that delicious only cost $8. They should charge more.

What will it be like to be standing at the center of Time Square tomorrow night 8:30pm, watching all the lights go off at the blink of an eye?

had schweinshaxe for dinner; schnitzel was also on the table… German is now #26.


Do it the right way, or don’t do it at all.

It’d be nice if winning the Mega Million jackpot could, instead of give me 100 million dollars, give me 10 million dollars and grant me the power to have 48 hours a day.

is heading to her 1st hiking trip in 6 months. Winter is looong…


saw this on someone else’s twitter: “Be yourself. Everyone else’s taken.”

Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you.

It is not easy being 2.0.

“Having ideals is having a compass that always points to your heart instead of your brain.” – John Maeda

Beef & Lamb Gyro. Falafel with sesame sauce. Hummus. => My very satisfying lunch.

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What Should Be Your Major?

For the quiz junkies out there, here’s another one. I found it while lurking on Jessica’s blog :-p:

What’s Your Perfect Major?

(I know, it’s kinda LATE to ask this question, but that’s not the point)

Before I took this quiz I didn’t expect it to surprise me, because, well for people like us I think by this time we all have a pretty good idea what subjects we excel at and what we don’t. Still, taking mindless quizzes has always been a good stress reliever for me and this one turned out to be moderately interesting in that it helped me see some things about myself ever so clearly, such as, the word “molecule” does not fascinate me, at all. ;-)

Here’s my result. If you’ll take the quiz, share with me your result… (I just shared with you mine, right?)

You Scored as Journalism
You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.



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Resuscitation, 2008, and moving forward

About a month ago on Facebook my friend Jun used the word “resuscitate” to describe the action I needed to bring this blog back. She also volunteered to teach me CPR… ;-)

Although I did not take up her kind offer, I have been thinking about how best to “resuscitate” ever since. Lots of things have happened since my last post on August 4, 2008; it doesn’t feel right to just skip the past 6 months and suddenly start posting the latest things I want to write right now. I need a “bridge” post, I’ve decided, if only just for the one or two readers who were not with me on Facebook the past 6 months.

So here’s a really quick look back to the last few months of 2008, up till now:

  • The Beijing Olympics. During those 3 weeks I subscribed to almost all the Olympics blogs by major media sports writers and journalists in my RSS reader, and read just about everything that’s been written every day in the western media, NYT, ESPN, FoxSports, Guardian Sports, BBC Sports, Yahoo! Sports, CNN, ABCNews… On top of those I also read tons of message board posts and did my share of postings. It was pretty crazy. So many things happened. There were times I felt powerless. sad. And there were the times of pride. awe. and inspiration. They could go on a separate post of its own, but somehow I have lost the drive to write it.
    (or perhaps it’s the courage to write them that I’ve lost, like a climber facing an insurmountable mountain…)
  • The U.S. Open. The first time we went to see live tennis. We went on the Labor Day weekend and later for the men’s finals. Notable players/games that we watched include: Zheng Jie/Yan Zi women’s double, Djokovic vs a pretty good young guy, Li Na vs Dementieva (the freshly crowned Olympics Gold Medalist), and of course, Federer vs Andy Murray. I was hoping for a Nadal/Fed final but didn’t get it.
    Live tennis games are fun. I highly recommend you try it once, if you watch tennis on TV. Don’t buy the worst seats though, you need a reasonably good view to get yourself into it.
  • Yellowstone Trip. We were lucky enough to have caught the perfect weather, beautiful foliage, and plenty wildlife sightings that include: a black bear (next to a dead elk body), a grizzly bear (walking in the woods at roadside), a wolf and an antelope wandering in the same valley (and missing each other!), a fox-like wolf in the vicinity of a bison (of course neither was interested in the other), three different types of deer, a coyote, a group of sheep, and the best of all, an army of bisons walking right in front of our car (and right next to it within an elbow’s length). The geysers and hot springs were also amazing as advertised. They look even better on photos :c).
    One lesson learned from the trip: you need a binocular, a video cam, AND the best camera/lens you can afford to go to Yellowstone. All three are necessities.
  • The Financial Crisis. The best thing that came out of the whole thing is, it prompted me to start paying real good attention to my 401k… ; ), which then resulted in me delving into a reading fever on some of the best, and academically sound if you will, investment advices that I truly wish I had learned 10 years ago.
  • New Year Eve. Another first: First time we spent the countdown watching a ball drop with a crowd outside. It was freezing like hell, but I really wanted to go, to send off this crazy year of 2008. When it counted to 0 and all the fireworks erupted, I was cheering with everyone else from the bottom of my heart.
  • Movies. 2008 was a great year for movies. I’ve been putting in short, one paragraph reviews on Facebook (via Flixster) for movies I watched lately. Maybe I’ll make a compilation of them into a post later. I think I’ve watched 3 of the 5 best picture nominees as well as some very good ones like The Wrestler and Revolutionary Road in the last couple months alone.
  • New Food. Nepali is now added to my list of Cuisines I’ve Tried At Least Once, as #25. ;-)

Lastly, to whoever that noticed, the kitties pictures on the right is replaced with the latest Flickr photo feed. There seem to be something wrong with Flickr’s RSS feed on a set that caused the kitty set photos all broken. Until I figure out the problem this is the only feed that works here.

The Earthquake

For the last two Sundays in a row we went to ride bicycle at the Bicycle Sundays event at Bronx River Parkway (Every year from April to October a 7 seven mile stretch of the Parkway closes to automobile traffic on Sundays 10am -2pm so cyclists can enjoy the road). It was a breezy and very relaxing 2 hours ride. I saw lots of people take their kids out with them. The older kids would get their own little bikes to ride along side the parents; the younger ones, who couldn’t ride by themselves, would sit in a trailer that was towed behind their parent’s bike. It was a family event. Everyone was enjoying it and they all looked so happy.

Then came the news of the Sichuan earthquake. Tens of thousands lives lost, families destroyed. Small luxuries in life like riding a bicycle on a Sunday morning suddenly look so insignificant and precious at the same time. I think of the things I feel unhappy about in my life, then I think of those who have lost home, children, and parents in the earthquake. Things like this really change your perspective. It makes you realize what is and what is not the most important in this world.

Happy April Fool’s Day


April Fool’s Day always bring back fond memories for me, mostly because of my numerous successful pranks I’ve played back in the college days. Every time I think back of those they bring smiles back to my face. I guess the reason it feels so warm is that they were played on my best friends (and boyfriend, once) who now live far away. It seems back in those golden years everything was full of happiness and laughter. They were certainly the happiest five years of my life.

I dedicate this post to my husband (my then b.f. who was fooled by me into thinking the lock on our dining hall (#9) locker was hacked by thieves), my dear friend Garfy (who fell victim to my naughtiness and went to boys’ dorm to fetch a letter that didn’t exist), and friends on a mailing list that I sent a “printer-shredder” prank to. They made beautiful memories, and it’s this time of the year again.

Random Notes, 1/1/08 – 3/8/08

Here is a random collection of what I have done (that’s worthy of note) in the first two months of 2008, in random order:

  • Saw “Persepolis“. Very artsy movie. Didn’t beat Ratatouille for best animation oscar, but equally good, in totally different ways.
  • Saw “Juno“. It will touch you, in one way or another.
  • Discovered in Windows Live Writer the very convenient “block quote” toolbar button which automatically formats the quoted text for you (I always do it manually by myself!)
  • Managed to post twice in the month of February.
  • Bought three poker books.
  • Finished one. Dan Harrington is a great poker author.
  • Signed up an account at PokerStars.
  • Finished in 9th place in my first ever online poker tournament. (For those who don’t know, it was a very short, single table tournament that lasted less than 1 hour. There were 9 players in total.)
  • Finished in 6th place twice in my subsequent two tournaments.
  • Finished in 1st place in my 4th try.
  • Got tagged for a meme for the first time.
  • Saw a total lunar eclipse.
  • Bought 3 habitat backgrounds, a bunch of accessories and items to decorate my Haikoo Zoo pet profile, all for free!
  • Found out Scrabulous is addictive.
  • Discovered a very nice, local Moroccan restaurant.
  • Someone told me a joke that I thought was very funny. When I told it at our team dinner, nobody laughed.
  • A building collapsed and caused huge delays at Metro North, resulting a 2 hour trip home that night.
  • Hosted two parties for the Chinese New Year.
  • Worked on Chinese New Year’s Day.
  • Watched the Oscars (which I do annually). Thought Jon Stewart did a better job this time around. Also thought this year’s Best Foreign Film category was a joke because neither “Diving Bell” nor “Lust Caution” was nominated.
  • Had a really bad day on 1/30.
  • Was very moody for several days in a row.
  • Slept a lot overall.
  • Ate less.
  • Booked Vegas trip.
  • Booked “O”, the famous Cirque du Soleil residence show at Bellagio.
  • Finished this post.

No Subject

Lately I’ve not been blogging much. There are a few reasons for that:

  1. I’ve been spending lots of time on Facebook, which I just joined a month ago.
  2. I got into poker, Texas Hold’em Poker. I’ve been playing (mostly on Facebook) and absolutely loved it. At the time of speaking, my poker status is “Poker Pro” with about $15,000 in my bag. My goal is to get to at least “Big Dog”, preferrably, “Shark”. :-)
    Texas Hold’em is a fascinating game, so many facets to it, full of strategies and a lot are based on observations.
  3. I’ve spent quite some time reading and commenting on a couple of friends’ blogs, who have been blogging like crazy lately… (you know who you are!)
  4. I’m in a lull.
  5. A couple of other things that were occupying my mind, which I cannot blog about.

However I also remind myself that there are more than a few reasons that I should keep on blogging:

  1. I want to keep a record of my life, my thoughts, my mind so in the future when I look back, I will truly experience that famous saying, “my whole life flashes in front of my eyes”. I just hope after that I would not die.
  2. I want to engage my readers, however many, or few, there are.
  3. I want to keep up a commitment I made when I started. There are few things in my life that have lasted for longer than ten years (with the exception of family, a husband and some friends). A personal blog may not be a very significant part of life, but a will to commit is.
  4. I have a voice, I like to express, that makes me a great candidate for this modern creature called “blogger”.
  5. I consider writing artistic expression. That would make one who writes an artist (whether a good or a bad one is another issue). It feels good to think of self as the creator of something meaningful.
  6. I type fast.