Theme Change: Style or Functionality?

As you see I have changed the theme of this blog. It was a very painful decision. I really love the look of my previous theme “Thirteen” (created by Beccary), which has such a classic, elegant feel it brings peace to my mind just looking at it.

However, good things always come at a price. “Thirteen” is also a two column with lots of blank space on both the left sidebar and the right hand side. Surfing around the blogosphere I rarely see any blog theme that has so much blank space unutilized, especially in the first scroll page. Top posts, comments, categories, lots of the essential widgets that are critical to promoting your content to your readers are all placed in the most prominent places. After all, you don’t want people to take a glance at your first post then walk away. You want to entice them to explore a little bit more of what you have in store.

“If no one reads, why do you write?”

Besides, now being able to place Recent Comments at the top right, it’s easier for friends and frequent visitors to follow up my and others’ responses. This blog has lots of good comments that sometimes just got lost quietly. Comments are a big part of a blog, and they are especially so on mine.

(of course, the best way is to subscribe to the Comments Feed :-))

This new theme is by no means a perfect one, but in the end, it really all comes down to style v.s. functionality. Being the idealist I am, I also strive to be practical :-p . With the current offerings from, I have not found one that gives me both to my satisfaction (this is the only 3 column theme they have) :(. If you can’t have everything, at least have the important ones. Content is king, presentation is not, as the wise man said.

(I’m just hoping someday a better one will come by or I will have more free time to do my own custom CSS theme, which is doubtful.)

So, I buried my beloved Thirteen theme tearfully, and moved on.

9 responses to “Theme Change: Style or Functionality?

  1. I was going to comment about how nice the other theme was. Yes, it was peaceful.
    This one is not bad though.

  2. I’m going to change the header image eventually…

    don’t get me started on the other one… i’m still recovering


  3. I use ‘Fadtastic’ which I think is a great three column theme with lots of widgets. However, not everyone likes the bright blue and green, and it does not have a customizable header. I actually like what you’re using very much. It’s sophisticated and stylish.

  4. hehe, so, the only way to completed satisfy yourself is to create your own blog theme completely. I believe wordpress should allow you to create your own theme. After all, it’s software

  5. Can you explaiin the difference of “All Time Favorates”, “Top Posts” and “Recent Posts”? I thought at least two of them are equal.

  6. museditions, i like yours too but i do want a customizable header… guess we just can’t have them all… :(

    apple, Top Posts are posts with the most traffic in the last 24-48 hours. They change a lot. All time Favorites has sth to do with all time traffic, but not just that… it’s a very complicated algorithm that is not to be disclosed here. haha

  7. 其实,你以前的theme是好看,可是我在office打开, 总是超大号字体加排版混乱, 在家看就完全正常.


  8. Theme 13 is very beautiful.. with the cool soothing green color and all
    I saw it on someone’s blog and googled about it and ur link came up..
    But as u explained u have to choose sometimes for functionality over looks

  9. I am using 13 and getting good comments. I am too colorblind to appreciate its true colors but I find it excellent for navigation as well as good looking. Better than Kubrick which I had before but which did not load the sidebar on permalinks. Thirteen does and that is why I chose it.

    My only complaint is that recently it does not load properly every time and comes up dark. Hope that is temporary.

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