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A Quiz

This might be old, but when I first heard about it a few weeks ago, it got a good chuckle out of me.

Question #1: How do you put a giraffe into a fridge?

I will let you think about this for a second before I post the answer. It’d be in your best interest to think for yourself before scrolling down to see the answer, as it will leave a stronger impression when you do see it. :)

Now think.



Ok, the correct answer is:

Open the door, put the giraffe in, and close the door.


Question #2: How do you put a hippo into the fridge?

Again think about this. If your answer is "open the door, put the hippo in, and close the door", you have learned something, however, that is not the correct answer.



The correct answer is:

Open the door, take the giraffe out, put the hippo in, and close the door.


Question #3: Lion King summoned an all-animal conference. Who’s missing?



The correct answer is:

of course, the hippo, because he’s in the fridge.


A Poem

I like this poem. It’s different.

The New Poetry Handbook
by Mark Strand

1 If a man understands a poem,
he shall have troubles.

2 If a man lives with a poem,
he shall die lonely.

3 If a man lives with two poems,
he shall be unfaithful to one.

4 If a man conceives of a poem,
he shall have one less child.

5 If a man conceives of two poems,
he shall have two children less.

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Monitor Cleaner

A colleague showed me this and it made my day…

(be sure to make your browser window full screen when viewing this.)

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A Fortune Cookie

Went to a Chinese restaurant tonight. After we finished dinner they brought us two fortune cookies. Here is mine:  

Fortune Cookie


Environment Cartoons


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Guess Who’s Watching

I was reading this story on USAToday on the train. It mainly talked about dog owners nowadays not only “coddle (their dogs) in cashmere and cradle them with down-stuffed beds“, but they are giving them their own rooms in the house. Interior designers around the country, when building a new home, are expanding their services so to accommodate their clients’ dogs.

“If you live in a gorgeous home and have all these gorgeous accoutrements for the home, do you really want to stick (your dogs) in a metal crate at night?”

But I’m not here to discuss the story, or things like how far is too far when it comes to pampering your pets. The article was a good one. What I want to show you is this little picture beside the story. It’s the picture of a door to the room that belongs to owners’ dogs. Take a look at this (click to enlarge):

Dogs Peeking

Hahaha, isn’t that cute?

(note: You can’t find this picture elsewhere because it was not included in the online version of the story. I cut it off from the newspaper and took the photo with my digital camera.)

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Chinese and English, Part 2

For people who appreciate the beauties of the Chinese and English languages, trust me, you are gonna LOVE these:

Welcome sign
Shop sign
Hotel light panel

Guangdong hotel sign
Elevator sign

Park plant

There are a lot more at this site and I didn’t have time to see all of them. You can go check them out yourself and let me know if there are better ones.

Hope it lightens up your day, because it sure did for mine!

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