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SYTYCD 4, Week 8 Elimination

For the first time of the entire season my predictions for who goes home went all wrong. I was sad to see Mark and Chelsie eliminated, especially Chelsie. When was the last time a latin dancer advanced to the final on this show? I don’t think it ever happened. What a bummer. If someone as good as Chelsie couldn’t do it, I don’t know if it’s ever gonna happen.

Just read here that two of the 4 finalists collapsed during the Saturday rehearsal and were rushed to the hospital. They were released soon after and had Sunday off. It seems every season something like this happen at least once to someone on the show. Maybe they (the producers) should do something about it, if they can.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 6 Perform

Best night of the whole season! I almost cried watching Katee/Joshua’s contemporary piece to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself”. It was no doubt Tyce Diorio’s best work of the season, if not all seasons. Equally powerful, but in a totally different way, was Mark/Courtney’s Jazz choreographed by Sonya. Watching it just left you in awe.

The voting this week is going to be crazy, crazy close. I have absolutely no idea which of the guys are going home. Personally I feel Mark’s strong performances last night, especially the Sonya number, probably will push him slightly over Twitch and into the final. On the girls side it won’t be so close though. Courtney is probably the one to go. I’m happy that the two girls I liked from the very beginning, Chelsie and Katee, are likely the two favored going into the final.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 12 Perform and Week 5 Elimination

The Bollywood dance was really exciting. I’m glad it was Katee and Joshua that got to do it. The costumes fit them perfectly and they nailed the dance from beginning to the end. It was very refreshing, and crowd pleasing.

I don’t know about others but I found what Mia Michaels said to Will about him carrying Jessica all the time to be cruel and totally unnecessary.

As soon as the bottom 3 was announced I picked Comfort and Thayne to be gone, but I was somewhat surprised when Nigel implied that they would have eliminiated two girls, meaning obviously Comfort and Jessica, rather than Comfort and Thayne. So the judges have no love for Jessica and they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Note: News came today that Jessica just dropped out of the show due to an injury and Comfort is now back in Top 10 to replace her.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 14 Perform and Week 4 Elimination

Once again the best numbers came from my two favorite couples: Chelsie/Mark’s Jazz by Mandy Moore and Katee/Joshua’s Contemporary by Mia Michaels. Chelsie is doing extremely well for a ballroom girl. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the final 4. Katee shined in Mia’s routine. I couldn’t get that “aided run” out of my head. Twitch/Kherington might be popular among viewers but I really didn’t like their Paso Doble.

When the bottom three couples were announced there wasn’t really any surprise. After Gev gave the best solo of the night I was thinking Thayne’s time was  over, but to my surprise Kourtni and Matt were sent home instead.

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SYTYCD 4, Week 3 Elimination

All the bottom 3 couples have been there more than once. None of them was a surprise. Kherington/Twitch escaped the “curse of the first” and were safe, I feel they are a popular couple. Once again I loved Matt’s solo, very well choreographed. I thought Chris and Comfort would be eliminated but it turned out to be Chris and Chelsea. So this was the first time they broke up a couple in 3 weeks.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 16 Perform

Performance wise this was the best week so far. I absolutely loved Chelsie/Mark’s Hip-pop routine choreographed by Napolean/Tabitha. Both were outstanding and the choreography was fantastic. They are a very strong couple and Adam said they were “the couple to beat”. My second favorite of the night was the Samba by Katee/Joshua. For a popper dancing Samba for the first time in his life, Joshua was surprisingly good. This is the first time I truly see why Mia said he would go to final 4, he is extremely versatile. Katee’s costume I personally felt was a bit too long for Samba. Had it been shorter it would have enhanced her hip action more. Luckily the vibrant choreography covered up a lot of ground for them.

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SYTYCD 4, Week 2 Elimination

The right couple went home. Susie for being the weakest female and Marquis, whose solo demonstrated his technique but more importantly I felt it also showed his lack of ability to interpret and express the music. He piled up turns after turns without choreographing to the music. Nigel took the words out of my mouth when he said it was all “tricks” and was not what this show is about. His solo is like the polar opposite of Will’s solo, the latter was all about interpreting the music.

Of all the solos last night I liked Comfort’s the most. I also noticed something interesting, but not surprising: it’s been two weeks in a row that the first couple that danced on Wednesday landed in bottom three the next night. Let’s see if the trend continues.

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