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SYTYCD, DC and Charleston Auditions

In Charleston auditions there was this identical twins, Anthony and Antwain. They were about same height, same weight, and have the same face. When Anthony danced first, it wasn’t impressive and the judges all gave an “no”. Then his brother Antwain danced. The judges thought it was terrific, and talked to Antwain about why who then said he thought his brother was a “cleaner dancer” than he was and deserved to be here more. Nigel summoned Anthony back to the stage and asked to see them dance together. Boy what a decision that was. The twins gave an energetic, totally-in-sync-from-start-to-finish performance where Anthony suddenly turned to a totally different dancer. He was quick, sharp and every bit as good as his brother. All the judges were wowed and gave both of them the green light to the choreography round (where both then went on to win the ticket to Vegas). What an interesting turn of events. Talk about second chance.

Claire Calloway’s comeback performance didn’t impress. The choreography wasn’t there. I guess it’s hard to keep up the high level when you’ve spent most of the two years having/nursing a baby, but I’m glad she made through the choreography and moved on.

In DC auditions as soon as they showed the clip of Brandon Bryant lying about his age on season 1 auditions, when he was actually only 15 back then, I had the gut feeling this must be someone really good. The judges thought he was one of the best they’ve seen this year and sent him straight to Vegas. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him again after that.

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SYTYCD, SLC and Dallas Auditions

Finally some good ones! The latin girl Chelsie Hightower, from Salt Lake City auditions, was so lively. She caught your eyes right from the start and never let go. Mary was right on, she got “great legs”, and her upper body movement was equally fabulous. I hope she makes the top 20 and gets on the show. I really want to see more of her.

Another memorable dancer from Salt Lake City auditions was choreographer Bonnie Story’s daughter, Kelli Baker. She did a very beautiful piece, I loved it.

This was the first time they auditioned at Salt Lake City. I sense there will be more to come in the future.

In comparison, Dallas was not so strong. Arielle was the only girl that left an impression on me. Joshua the bulky hip-pop dancer did some moves that were ridiculous and Nigel said he “had never seen before”. And that was about it.

Tonight there will be more from Washington DC and Charleston, NC. Things are warming up.

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SYTYCD Season 4, LA Auditions

So You Think You Can Dance is back. The first episode was LA auditions. Not very impressive. I wish they had shown more good dancers. Didn’t care for some of Nigel’s comments on the bad dancers. Sometimes I feel he tries too hard for TV. I like his comments better when the real show starts, and when he’s being positive.

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The Earthquake

For the last two Sundays in a row we went to ride bicycle at the Bicycle Sundays event at Bronx River Parkway (Every year from April to October a 7 seven mile stretch of the Parkway closes to automobile traffic on Sundays 10am -2pm so cyclists can enjoy the road). It was a breezy and very relaxing 2 hours ride. I saw lots of people take their kids out with them. The older kids would get their own little bikes to ride along side the parents; the younger ones, who couldn’t ride by themselves, would sit in a trailer that was towed behind their parent’s bike. It was a family event. Everyone was enjoying it and they all looked so happy.

Then came the news of the Sichuan earthquake. Tens of thousands lives lost, families destroyed. Small luxuries in life like riding a bicycle on a Sunday morning suddenly look so insignificant and precious at the same time. I think of the things I feel unhappy about in my life, then I think of those who have lost home, children, and parents in the earthquake. Things like this really change your perspective. It makes you realize what is and what is not the most important in this world.