SYTYCD Season 4, LA Auditions

So You Think You Can Dance is back. The first episode was LA auditions. Not very impressive. I wish they had shown more good dancers. Didn’t care for some of Nigel’s comments on the bad dancers. Sometimes I feel he tries too hard for TV. I like his comments better when the real show starts, and when he’s being positive.

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One response to “SYTYCD Season 4, LA Auditions

  1. I love the Digishow. Listen every week. I do miss Izzy but you guys are super, I feel like I know each of you. I hope to see you in Vegas I’m doing what I can to make it happen. How do you ogirnaze your seamless patterns? My stash has grown huge and I can’t find anything. I keep them in a older outside Photoshop. I need a list of categories. Brushes were easy but I’m stumped naming patterns. Thanks.

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