SYTYCD, SLC and Dallas Auditions

Finally some good ones! The latin girl Chelsie Hightower, from Salt Lake City auditions, was so lively. She caught your eyes right from the start and never let go. Mary was right on, she got “great legs”, and her upper body movement was equally fabulous. I hope she makes the top 20 and gets on the show. I really want to see more of her.

Another memorable dancer from Salt Lake City auditions was choreographer Bonnie Story’s daughter, Kelli Baker. She did a very beautiful piece, I loved it.

This was the first time they auditioned at Salt Lake City. I sense there will be more to come in the future.

In comparison, Dallas was not so strong. Arielle was the only girl that left an impression on me. Joshua the bulky hip-pop dancer did some moves that were ridiculous and Nigel said he “had never seen before”. And that was about it.

Tonight there will be more from Washington DC and Charleston, NC. Things are warming up.

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