Chinese and English, Part 2

For people who appreciate the beauties of the Chinese and English languages, trust me, you are gonna LOVE these:

Welcome sign
Shop sign
Hotel light panel

Guangdong hotel sign
Elevator sign

Park plant

There are a lot more at this site and I didn’t have time to see all of them. You can go check them out yourself and let me know if there are better ones.

Hope it lightens up your day, because it sure did for mine!

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3 responses to “Chinese and English, Part 2

  1. this is hilarious….i laughed so hard…it is a great website…hahaha

  2. i was at work when i first read this… i started laughing uncontrollably… with hands over my mouth… my neighbor co-worker turned and looked at me… i think he was concerned…

  3. 快笑翻了,尤其是need a hand, 和 why don’t you call me……

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