Artistic Sandwiches

Don’t try it at home… it could take hours…

Cucumber Mouse Sandwich

Check out more of this art here. You could get hungry… for more.


9 responses to “Artistic Sandwiches

  1. cool sandwich!!!

  2. 1 zucchini $0.50
    1 pickle cucumber $0.10
    2 small beets $0.20
    4 cubes of canned pineapple $0.10
    1 string bean $0.20
    1 green olive halved $0.10
    2 maraschino cherries $0.20
    1 sprig of italian parsley $0.10
    1 dinner roll $0.50
    4 pretzel sticks $0.10

    Having an edible mouse for lunch, priceless.

  3. You are so…


  4. btw, I don’t think the 4 feet were made of pineapple, they seem to be some kind of cheese cut to the shape…

  5. better to keep it for long… :-P

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