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Do you know WikiWax?

Saw this at LifeHacker’s Top 10 Wikipedia Tricks a couple of days ago. A website called lets you see what pages exist on Wikipedia as you type, in a way similar to how Google Suggest works. It’s kinda neat. Try it yourself.


Nokia N800 – The Geek’s iPod Touch :-)

A day after I wrote my surprisingly popular post Nokia N800 – The Geek’s iPhone, Apple announced iPod Touch (and at the same time cut the price of iPhone to the same as N800). iPod Touch, from the look of it, is basically an iPhone without the phone. And it’s priced at $399. So that makes it really, really similiar to the little device I own that is called Nokia N800, because the latter is not really a phone either, though it does have VoIP ability i.e. Skype.

I’ll just briefly list the differences of the two now to complete my N800-iWhatever series:

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Nokia N800 – The Geek’s iPhone

Just got my newest gadget, Nokia N800, over the Labor day weekend. So excited.
N800 whole N800 RSS Reader N800 Home Screen

I’ve always wanted to have a portable internet surfing device that can let me browse the web from anywhere in the house, in any position (i.e., while walking, standing, lying in bed/sofa). Reason is simple, sitting upright in front of a desk for 8 hours a day in the office does wondrous things to your belly (if you haven’t found out by now), I don’t want to add another couple of hours to the “exercise”. Continue reading