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Monitor Cleaner

A colleague showed me this and it made my day…

(be sure to make your browser window full screen when viewing this.)

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Guess Who’s Watching

I was reading this story on USAToday on the train. It mainly talked about dog owners nowadays not only “coddle (their dogs) in cashmere and cradle them with down-stuffed beds“, but they are giving them their own rooms in the house. Interior designers around the country, when building a new home, are expanding their services so to accommodate their clients’ dogs.

“If you live in a gorgeous home and have all these gorgeous accoutrements for the home, do you really want to stick (your dogs) in a metal crate at night?”

But I’m not here to discuss the story, or things like how far is too far when it comes to pampering your pets. The article was a good one. What I want to show you is this little picture beside the story. It’s the picture of a door to the room that belongs to owners’ dogs. Take a look at this (click to enlarge):

Dogs Peeking

Hahaha, isn’t that cute?

(note: You can’t find this picture elsewhere because it was not included in the online version of the story. I cut it off from the newspaper and took the photo with my digital camera.)

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The wonderful world cats live in…

This is too good to not share:

Like Mark Twain said, A home without a cat is not a perfect home.