The Aloha State: O’ahu and Kaua’i

The view from the top of Diamond Head, a volcano crater in O’ahu, Hawaii:

A local Christmas dance performance at the center stage of Ala Moana Center, the largest open-air shopping center in the world:

There were roosters all over the island, wherever we go:


Drawings on the wall, Honolulu Airport:

Fishing trip, the fishing rods on the ceiling of the boat:


our first catch, a Moano fish!

A sign on the beach, Man-of-War is the name of a Portuguese jellyfish:

Tahiti Dancers in Po’ipu, Kaua’i (Hawaiian girls are beautiful):

Opaekaa Fall, Kaua’i:


Uluwaihi Falls (this was where the Evil Path of Mosquitos led me to!):

A lighthouse (you can see the weather was cloudy, but it did give the scenary a slightly melancholy feel…):

High Surf (part of the good things that came with having a post-storm weather was the roaring high surf. It’s more spectacular seeing it in person):


The magnificent taro field in Hanalei, Kaua’i:

Polynesia Cafe, a plate of local Kalua Pork and Cabbage, Lomi Lomi Salmon, and Ahi Poke (which had been mostly consumed before I remembered to take the shot :-p):

Salad with the delicious papaya seed dressing, a local favorite:

Wailua Falls:

Spouting Horn (the wave was so strong it pushed right through a hole in the rocks and spout to over 20 feet high):

The famous Roy’s Hawaiin Fusion Cuisine (Blackened Ahi, Monchong fish, and Chocolate Souffle):


Monchong    Souffle_Roys


9 responses to “The Aloha State: O’ahu and Kaua’i

  1. 太漂亮了!今天北京下起了小雪,外面冰天雪地的。看到你们的照片,感觉真是另一个世界!在这种地方呆一周感觉远远不够,像上面那位朋友一样呆一年感觉才够。


  2. Oh, what beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for posting them. It is every bit as gorgeous as when I lived there. You have brought back such happy memories for me.

  3. absolutely breathtaking scenery!! how long were u there for?

  4. very beautiful.

  5. mus, glad i brought back memories for you, i’m sure a place like that is really hard to forget :)

    Jun, i was there for a week, not enough~~

    yi, welcome!!

    apple, it snowed in new york too… i went from 80F to 30F in one day, talk about another world!

  6. why that jelly fish has such a weird name? were they rampant at Some point?

    Your catch is so pretty. is that CH? He lost So much weight!

  7. haha, unfortunately, yes it’s him. Don’t ask me why though, ask him.

  8. This is the main reason I love Awesome posts.

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