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SYTYCD 4, Week 3 Elimination

All the bottom 3 couples have been there more than once. None of them was a surprise. Kherington/Twitch escaped the “curse of the first” and were safe, I feel they are a popular couple. Once again I loved Matt’s solo, very well choreographed. I thought Chris and Comfort would be eliminated but it turned out to be Chris and Chelsea. So this was the first time they broke up a couple in 3 weeks.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 16 Perform

Performance wise this was the best week so far. I absolutely loved Chelsie/Mark’s Hip-pop routine choreographed by Napolean/Tabitha. Both were outstanding and the choreography was fantastic. They are a very strong couple and Adam said they were “the couple to beat”. My second favorite of the night was the Samba by Katee/Joshua. For a popper dancing Samba for the first time in his life, Joshua was surprisingly good. This is the first time I truly see why Mia said he would go to final 4, he is extremely versatile. Katee’s costume I personally felt was a bit too long for Samba. Had it been shorter it would have enhanced her hip action more. Luckily the vibrant choreography covered up a lot of ground for them.

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SYTYCD 4, Week 2 Elimination

The right couple went home. Susie for being the weakest female and Marquis, whose solo demonstrated his technique but more importantly I felt it also showed his lack of ability to interpret and express the music. He piled up turns after turns without choreographing to the music. Nigel took the words out of my mouth when he said it was all “tricks” and was not what this show is about. His solo is like the polar opposite of Will’s solo, the latter was all about interpreting the music.

Of all the solos last night I liked Comfort’s the most. I also noticed something interesting, but not surprising: it’s been two weeks in a row that the first couple that danced on Wednesday landed in bottom three the next night. Let’s see if the trend continues.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 18 Perform

Overall I feel it’s a better night than last Wednesday. Here are some of my chaotic thoughts:

  • Wearing the oddest costume I’ve ever seen on SYTYCD, Chelsea and Thayne’s Jazz routine didn’t impress. By the end of the night I almost totally forgot about the performance.
  • “Beauty and quirkiness”, two things in life Mia Michaels claimed she loved the most, and she used them to sum up Chelsie and Mark.
  • The judges all seemed to love Will. I thought Jessica did pretty good in the hip-pop number, but only Nigel agreed with me.
  • Mia found the perfect word to describe Matt when he dances. Elegant. Just every move he makes looks so elegant. Very pleasing to watch.
  • Courtney/Gev’s Mandy Moore contemporary was so beautifully choreographed it reminded me of another piece by Mandy Moore from last season, danced by Sabra and Dominic to The Pretenders’ “Stand By You”, one of my favorites. In both numbers she used small movements of dancers’ feet and hands to connect them in a way that they appear sometimes attached to each other. Very expressive.
  • Katee/Joshua got the best reaction from the judges after their Broadway routine. Mia was spot on when she noted the “connection” between the two. It was so good.
  • I was not that shocked after seeing Susie’s mediocre Salsa, partly because from the very beginning I was never impressed by her “street salsa” style audition performance. Nigel said her turns and twists looked “labored”. I think she should be in the bottom three tonight.
  • Loved the Celine Dion song used by Kherington/Twitch’s VW. A great song goes a long way to enhance the performance. Their all white outfit was also perfect for this beautiful piece.
  • I laughed when Nigel said his granny was more gangster than Chris in the Krump number, not only because it was funny but because I had the same feeling. Whatever Chris was doing it didn’t look much like Krumping to me.
  • On a side note I found the the quality of the judges’ comments a lot better than last Wednesday’s, especially Nigel and Mia who were almost always right on point. Mary Murphy however I don’t know why Fox decided to make her a permanent judge last year. She’s not particularly eloquent and when it comes to styles other than ballroom she sometimes struggles to make any sense. Perhaps the producers want the screaming and yelling to make things more colorful. I for one would rather have someone who can always contribute something insightful.

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Authentic Happiness


It’s Martin Seligman again. I didn’t read every paragraph of the book, kind of picked and chose what I read. There are some interesting facts mentioned, such as a ranking of countries by how happy their citizens are (the happiest ones are not necessarily the most developed ones). China ranked fairly high. I bet that surprises lots of Americans.

A few points I’ve taken away from the book:

  • Social life is strongly correlated with happiness. All happy people have a rich and fulfilling social life.
  • Married people statistically are happier.
  • Higher percentage of religious people are happier than those religionless.
  • Money has little to do with a person’s happiness.
  • Use your signature strengths (there is a test for you to find out what they are), you will be happier because of that.

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SYTYCD 4, Week 1 Elimination

The show started with a Wade-Robson-style group dance that featured the kidnapping of Nigel Lythgoe. I got a chuckle out of it. The dance itself was okay, but the line Nigel delivered in the end was pretty good, “Let’s be kind to the dancers, they are evil!”. He also joked that this was Wade’s revenge for his criticism last year on the fox routine Wade choreographed for Lacey and Sabra. I for one really loved that number.

The only surprise in the bottom 3 couples was Jessica/Will. I was sure Gev/Courtney was going to be in there instead of them. Good thing is the judges pick who goes home out of the three, so I wasn’t too worried Will will get the boot. His solo reminded me of Danny, my favorite dancer from last season. It was unique and full of expressions.

Jamie’s solo was clearly the weakest of the three guys and his bad outfit didn’t help. It didn’t flatter his body at all. On the other hand I really liked Matt’s solo, very fluid. This was the first time I saw him dance solo. I hope Nigel, who does this to someone every season, would stop telling him he has no personality, because, guess what, everyone has a personality! Stop telling people in their face they don’t have personality. Just because they don’t appear outgoing on TV camera doesn’t mean they don’t have a personality!

In the end Rayven and Jamie were sent home. I correctly predicted both after the solos and before the judges revealed.

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SYTYCD 4, Top 20 Perform

Some random thoughts from the first night of the real show:

  • In the beginning intro of the top 20, I found myself not able to tell apart any of those contemporary guys, or actually, with the exception of Twitch, Joshua and Will, any of the guys period, while most of the girls have at least made one appearance in this year’s auditions coverage (Rayven and Chelsea are probably the only ones that didn’t). What a discrepancy.
  • Didn’t like Rayven/Jamie’s hip hop piece much. The music was the problem. It didn’t grab you, neither did the choreography.
  • Kourtni has great eyes, and she did at some point look a little like Princess Diana, once they said it, however the Mandy Moore Jazz piece didn’t do it for me.
  • Chelsea/Thayne’s Chacha got great music and they got excellent reviews from the judges. I was surprised Mary didn’t point out the lack of real Chacha basics or good hip action, but I guess it’s the season opening they wanted to pump up the impression this is going to be a great season so they were being generous.
  • I was a little worried at first to see my favorite girl Chelsie picked Mia’s contemporary as first dance, but the performance was beautiful and she did really well. Judging from the incoming URLs on my blog stats page, I know I’m not the only one who has her as a favorite. Lots of people are searching for her on the web.
  • Twitch/Kherington did Broadway. Nigel again was commenting on a contestant’s look (this time Kherington’s face). Hey it’s not a beauty pageant!
  • Comfort’s Jive kicks were very weak. Once again the judges were being really nice.
  • Finally, my favorite number of the night: Katee/Joshua’s hip hop choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha. Great choreography, great performance. Katee as a contemporary dancer was surprising. I’m not sure if this couple will continue to excel in other styles but tonight they easily won the round.
  • Jessica did very well in the Tango, despite the little tumble on heels. I don’t know what Mary had been drinking though as her comments throughout tonight were off, to say the least. Sometimes I feel she’s running out of things to say so she just yells and screams to cover it up.
  • Disco is never my favorite genre. Gev, the breaker, I felt is probably a weak partner doing those lifts.
  • Overall it was an okay night, choreography wise, with only one standout number. I think I’m spoiled. Last season really set a high standard. I hope they live up to it this year.

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