SYTYCD 4, Top 16 Perform

Performance wise this was the best week so far. I absolutely loved Chelsie/Mark’s Hip-pop routine choreographed by Napolean/Tabitha. Both were outstanding and the choreography was fantastic. They are a very strong couple and Adam said they were “the couple to beat”. My second favorite of the night was the Samba by Katee/Joshua. For a popper dancing Samba for the first time in his life, Joshua was surprisingly good. This is the first time I truly see why Mia said he would go to final 4, he is extremely versatile. Katee’s costume I personally felt was a bit too long for Samba. Had it been shorter it would have enhanced her hip action more. Luckily the vibrant choreography covered up a lot of ground for them.

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One response to “SYTYCD 4, Top 16 Perform

  1. We went car seat shopping this week too! No more cnryriag that heavy infant seat around. I hope my son is as willing to take photos when he gets older. You get so many great shots of your cuties! That raindrop shot is awesome!Stephanie recently posted..

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