SYTYCD 4, Top 20 Perform

Some random thoughts from the first night of the real show:

  • In the beginning intro of the top 20, I found myself not able to tell apart any of those contemporary guys, or actually, with the exception of Twitch, Joshua and Will, any of the guys period, while most of the girls have at least made one appearance in this year’s auditions coverage (Rayven and Chelsea are probably the only ones that didn’t). What a discrepancy.
  • Didn’t like Rayven/Jamie’s hip hop piece much. The music was the problem. It didn’t grab you, neither did the choreography.
  • Kourtni has great eyes, and she did at some point look a little like Princess Diana, once they said it, however the Mandy Moore Jazz piece didn’t do it for me.
  • Chelsea/Thayne’s Chacha got great music and they got excellent reviews from the judges. I was surprised Mary didn’t point out the lack of real Chacha basics or good hip action, but I guess it’s the season opening they wanted to pump up the impression this is going to be a great season so they were being generous.
  • I was a little worried at first to see my favorite girl Chelsie picked Mia’s contemporary as first dance, but the performance was beautiful and she did really well. Judging from the incoming URLs on my blog stats page, I know I’m not the only one who has her as a favorite. Lots of people are searching for her on the web.
  • Twitch/Kherington did Broadway. Nigel again was commenting on a contestant’s look (this time Kherington’s face). Hey it’s not a beauty pageant!
  • Comfort’s Jive kicks were very weak. Once again the judges were being really nice.
  • Finally, my favorite number of the night: Katee/Joshua’s hip hop choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha. Great choreography, great performance. Katee as a contemporary dancer was surprising. I’m not sure if this couple will continue to excel in other styles but tonight they easily won the round.
  • Jessica did very well in the Tango, despite the little tumble on heels. I don’t know what Mary had been drinking though as her comments throughout tonight were off, to say the least. Sometimes I feel she’s running out of things to say so she just yells and screams to cover it up.
  • Disco is never my favorite genre. Gev, the breaker, I felt is probably a weak partner doing those lifts.
  • Overall it was an okay night, choreography wise, with only one standout number. I think I’m spoiled. Last season really set a high standard. I hope they live up to it this year.

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