SYTYCD 4, Week 1 Elimination

The show started with a Wade-Robson-style group dance that featured the kidnapping of Nigel Lythgoe. I got a chuckle out of it. The dance itself was okay, but the line Nigel delivered in the end was pretty good, “Let’s be kind to the dancers, they are evil!”. He also joked that this was Wade’s revenge for his criticism last year on the fox routine Wade choreographed for Lacey and Sabra. I for one really loved that number.

The only surprise in the bottom 3 couples was Jessica/Will. I was sure Gev/Courtney was going to be in there instead of them. Good thing is the judges pick who goes home out of the three, so I wasn’t too worried Will will get the boot. His solo reminded me of Danny, my favorite dancer from last season. It was unique and full of expressions.

Jamie’s solo was clearly the weakest of the three guys and his bad outfit didn’t help. It didn’t flatter his body at all. On the other hand I really liked Matt’s solo, very fluid. This was the first time I saw him dance solo. I hope Nigel, who does this to someone every season, would stop telling him he has no personality, because, guess what, everyone has a personality! Stop telling people in their face they don’t have personality. Just because they don’t appear outgoing on TV camera doesn’t mean they don’t have a personality!

In the end Rayven and Jamie were sent home. I correctly predicted both after the solos and before the judges revealed.

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