SYTYCD 4, Top 18 Perform

Overall I feel it’s a better night than last Wednesday. Here are some of my chaotic thoughts:

  • Wearing the oddest costume I’ve ever seen on SYTYCD, Chelsea and Thayne’s Jazz routine didn’t impress. By the end of the night I almost totally forgot about the performance.
  • “Beauty and quirkiness”, two things in life Mia Michaels claimed she loved the most, and she used them to sum up Chelsie and Mark.
  • The judges all seemed to love Will. I thought Jessica did pretty good in the hip-pop number, but only Nigel agreed with me.
  • Mia found the perfect word to describe Matt when he dances. Elegant. Just every move he makes looks so elegant. Very pleasing to watch.
  • Courtney/Gev’s Mandy Moore contemporary was so beautifully choreographed it reminded me of another piece by Mandy Moore from last season, danced by Sabra and Dominic to The Pretenders’ “Stand By You”, one of my favorites. In both numbers she used small movements of dancers’ feet and hands to connect them in a way that they appear sometimes attached to each other. Very expressive.
  • Katee/Joshua got the best reaction from the judges after their Broadway routine. Mia was spot on when she noted the “connection” between the two. It was so good.
  • I was not that shocked after seeing Susie’s mediocre Salsa, partly because from the very beginning I was never impressed by her “street salsa” style audition performance. Nigel said her turns and twists looked “labored”. I think she should be in the bottom three tonight.
  • Loved the Celine Dion song used by Kherington/Twitch’s VW. A great song goes a long way to enhance the performance. Their all white outfit was also perfect for this beautiful piece.
  • I laughed when Nigel said his granny was more gangster than Chris in the Krump number, not only because it was funny but because I had the same feeling. Whatever Chris was doing it didn’t look much like Krumping to me.
  • On a side note I found the the quality of the judges’ comments a lot better than last Wednesday’s, especially Nigel and Mia who were almost always right on point. Mary Murphy however I don’t know why Fox decided to make her a permanent judge last year. She’s not particularly eloquent and when it comes to styles other than ballroom she sometimes struggles to make any sense. Perhaps the producers want the screaming and yelling to make things more colorful. I for one would rather have someone who can always contribute something insightful.

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