SYTYCD, Milwaukee Auditions

Final destination for auditions (I wonder why they skipped New York this year). A few sketchy notes:

  • Natalie Reid, who gave a quite unique routine
  • Evan, the Gene Kelly like dancer (according to the judges)
  • That Salsa couple rocked! Their tricks were so good they got everyone in the room standing up. The girl was a stronger dancer than the guy, and went on to Vegas without him.
  • Yesenia who lost 50 pounds since she auditioned, and was cut in Vegas, last year. She was very emotional talking about how the show changed her life and made her want to be a better dancer. Unfortunately she injured her knee during the routine and the judges couldn’t let her move on. I still remember her energetic hip-pop performance from last year, despite her size. Shane Spark back then was very fond of her dancing.
  • I was surprised to see that Yesenia’s friend Philip got sent straight to Vegas. I didn’t see what was so good about him.
  • There are a few others that were good, the Travis Wall like guy, the girl who got turned down in LA and came back, and the girl tapper in the end.

Tomorrow is Vegas callbacks. Top 20 will be announced, then the real show begins!!

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