The Earthquake

For the last two Sundays in a row we went to ride bicycle at the Bicycle Sundays event at Bronx River Parkway (Every year from April to October a 7 seven mile stretch of the Parkway closes to automobile traffic on Sundays 10am -2pm so cyclists can enjoy the road). It was a breezy and very relaxing 2 hours ride. I saw lots of people take their kids out with them. The older kids would get their own little bikes to ride along side the parents; the younger ones, who couldn’t ride by themselves, would sit in a trailer that was towed behind their parent’s bike. It was a family event. Everyone was enjoying it and they all looked so happy.

Then came the news of the Sichuan earthquake. Tens of thousands lives lost, families destroyed. Small luxuries in life like riding a bicycle on a Sunday morning suddenly look so insignificant and precious at the same time. I think of the things I feel unhappy about in my life, then I think of those who have lost home, children, and parents in the earthquake. Things like this really change your perspective. It makes you realize what is and what is not the most important in this world.


8 responses to “The Earthquake

  1. Hello, walking. It’s good to see you back on your blog after a long break, but I’m sorry it took this tragedy to bring you here. I posted some of my thoughts about it for Human Rights Day on May 15. I find your post very poignant. How precious are our moments of joy in the sun. If there is something positive in the situation, it is, as you say, to realize the important things in life and to be appreciative of them. Thank you.

  2. muse, thank YOU! I read your post and resonate very much with what you said, about being the change we want in the world and giving tangible help. There were many things I wanted to write about this earthquake but found my words inadequate, the response of the Chinese government, the reaction of the Chinese people, both in China and overseas, the outpouring of donation from almost every single one of us… There were a couple of days I was immersed in, and moved by, some Chinese news stories I read and couldn’t focus on work…

    Thank you for your comments. Let’s all appreciate what we have and, like you said, be the change we need in this world.

  3. Good to see you writing again~
    I was addicted to news for a few days….thank god i am better now :)

  4. We all learned a lot from the earthquake.

    Sometime, it took a disaster for us to realize how precious simplying being alive and healthy is.

    Enjoy life!

  5. you too! and my blessings to your grandpa and your family…

  6. My wife avoided the news for a few days and then spent a night in tears. She still does not listen to the music and videos she normally does. She feels bad about being comfortable while others have experienced such tragedy.

  7. James I just discovered this comment of yours was filtered as spam! This is the first time Akismet mis-spam a good comment, it’s been usually reliable…

    God bless your wife

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