Moon Festival: Celebration of Togetherness

Full Moon

First let me say this really loud,

Happy Moon Festival to Everyone!

I was about to write a longer post but then I stumbled upon this great blog of Jan Shim and his post Mooncakes. Our Annual O-bsession. Not being the most knowledgeable, traditional person (when it comes to Chinese history and traditions) myself, I decided to hide my weakness by pointing you to other people’s better work. ;-)

Modesty is virtue.

But seriously, there are some fabulous mooncake photos in that post that you really do not want to miss. I’m not a fan of mooncakes by any means but those pictures (almost) made me drool…

As Wikipedia said, Moon Festival is “a celebration of abundance and togetherness“, which in Chinese means “丰收和团圆”. If you’re one of the lucky people who are able to celebrate it together with your family, enjoy to the fullest; if you are like me and lots of other people here in the U.S., at least call the family and lend them the feel of togetherness. Sometimes they do not say so but all parents are happy to hear from their child on this special occasion.

Of course do not forget to celebrate the “abundance”, in abundance… as in, mooncake abundance.

Once again, Happy Moon Festival, to you, and you, and me, and my cats, and you, and my cats, and you, and YOU…!

(ps: I heard from a friend in Beijing that they are having mooncakes with Häagen-Dazs ice cream filling. Just goes on to show you how modern and internationalized today’s China has become!!! :-D )
Haagen Dazs Mooncake

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13 responses to “Moon Festival: Celebration of Togetherness

  1. Moon festival to all ! Eh? Mooncakes with Häagen-Dazs ice cream? How does it taste? Must be great. :-P

  2. My wife was very excited that tonight is “Mooncake night.” when I picked her up at work.

  3. siyu, i wish i knew how it tastes… my guess is it tastes like Häagen-Dazs… :-D

    hello James, wish you and your wife a happy Mooncake Night then…!
    nice to know your wife is Chinese too…

  4. happy moon festival to you too. i love chocolate mooncake best, though the typical ones with salted egg yolk is quite irresistible too. :)

  5. i’ve never seen chocolate mooncake before! must be yummy…

    hey this makes a great post idea, A List of Bizarre Mooncake Stuffing…

  6. My favorite restaurant is called “Harvest Moon” and they have special treats at this time. The moon was HUGE where I am.

  7. let me guess where you are… you must be… … on the moon! :-D

    apple, i’m desperate so i added a picture to my post… 好看着流口水

  8. 呵呵,吃上去跟哈根达斯冰淇淋没区别,只是做个样子.

    我比较喜欢吃苏式月饼,特别是云南的火腿月饼.可惜现在广式月饼大行其道,我看是被香港的美食文化感染了. 经济上的强势,往往能推动文化的强势. 哈根达斯和广式月饼都是例子.

    中国的中秋节变成了一个月饼的流通的日子. 大堆大堆的月饼在不同的公司和个人中转手. 快递成了最大的赢家.很多人收到月饼,直接给快递另一个地址就送到下家手里了. 不知道谁是最后吃到月饼的人. 发展到最后, 就不流通真的月饼了,开始流行发和送月饼票. 凭票可以去某处领取月饼. 这样快递的费用少了很多,也方便了流通.跟当年用纸币换掉铜钱的想法是一样的. 我们公司发给我的就是哈更达斯月饼票. 以后,说不定可以用月饼票买东西,也未可知.

    中国现在对每个节日都很重视,很愿意过.但更多的是发个短信,送个月饼,很少有人真会回家跟父母家人团聚.不知道这算不算是传统文化的复兴.但毕竟开始重视传统节日了.今年中央四台开始播放大型中秋晚会,声势很大. 据我们猜测是因为韩国把中秋节,端午节申报了世界非物质文化遗产, 大大刺激了中国人的神经.所以我们一定的大办特办,把韩国人给盖过去.


  9. 很有意思啊,月饼票都成货币了,不知道折成美元汇率是多少,呵呵

  10. 我去北京,老爹老妈打电话来说去看叔叔阿姨们必须带月饼, 可怜我拎了快一麻袋的月饼去,其中还有两盒冰皮的,拿干冰冻着, 时限4小时, 我一想这飞行时间就3小时哪,只能掐着上飞机的点儿才去买,结果……


  11. 苹果,除了”,能在中秋节里吃上月饼,端午节吃上粽子,春节吃上饺子”, 我们这三个节日还通通放假,hiahiahia.

  12. tt, 那个就叫作Murphy’s Law…

    放假又有啥了不起,我们还放President’s day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving day, Martin Luthur King Day and Independence day 呢!!!

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