A Day in New York, On Camera

Broadway Autumn Street Fair

We were in the city this Saturday and just happened to pass by this street fair at Broadway between Waverly St. and 14th St.. Let’s let the pictures tell the story.

Shish Kebab Candy apples

Sea Grass Baskets Wood carved animals

Dog clothing World's Softest Socks

Gourds Massage

Psychic frogs

Creation Therapy a fluffy, bear-like dog

music instructments Egyptian God

drums Good Dog

The last picture was not part of the street fair. It’s the entrance of a nearby restaurant called Good Dog.

Mogador Cafe

Yes, once again we found ourselves in a Moroccan restaurant. This time in St Mark’s place, East Village. Here are what the food looked like before we touched them:

Appetizers babaganoush Falafel w Tahini and Lamb Tagine

Here’s what the falafel looked like after the first bite:


what they looked like afterwards:

Empty dishes

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3 responses to “A Day in New York, On Camera

  1. What great pics! New York is an amazing city, and you captured its variety.

  2. and what variety it has…

    i was also at a Mexican Street Food event a few weeks ago, but
    didn’t bring the camera :(

    of all the pics above my fav is the fluffy bear-like dog… :)

    btw thanks for the heads up on the blog for environment day, i’ll sure mark it on my calendar!

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