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Nightmare in Flushing

It may be hard to believe, but in all these years we’ve lived in the U.S., I have never been a victim of a crime, i.e., have never been robbed or stolen or anything of the sort. Actually, I have never even witnessed any crime in front of my eyes.

Largely this is due to the fact that almost all the places I have lived or worked, Stony Brook, Princeton, Jersey City port side, White Plains, Midtown Manhattan, are all among some of the safest places in the tri-state area.

So when somebody broke in our car and stole all the stuff in it last Saturday in a parking lot at Flushing, Queens, you can imagine it came as quite a shock to me.

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Kabab Cafe: An Egyptian Experience

An old Chinese proverb says, 民以食为天 (Men deem food as God). After spending a delightful evening at Kabab Cafe, Astoria, I came to the thinking that if food is not a man’s God, it should be at least, as Ali the owner says, his soul.

We first heard of Kabab Cafe from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on Travel Channel. It was featured as one of the most popular restaurants in “Little Cairo”, the middle-eastern neighborhood in Astoria, Queens. Astoria, with its “sizable and diverse immigrant population”, is said to have “some of the best and most authentic food in the country”. Continue reading