Nokia N800 – The Geek’s iPod Touch :-)

A day after I wrote my surprisingly popular post Nokia N800 – The Geek’s iPhone, Apple announced iPod Touch (and at the same time cut the price of iPhone to the same as N800). iPod Touch, from the look of it, is basically an iPhone without the phone. And it’s priced at $399. So that makes it really, really similiar to the little device I own that is called Nokia N800, because the latter is not really a phone either, though it does have VoIP ability i.e. Skype.

I’ll just briefly list the differences of the two now to complete my N800-iWhatever series:

N800 whole iPod Touch
1. Bluetooth – N800 has bluetooth, iPod Touch does not
meaning you have the option to get on high speed data network via your bluetooth-enabled phone with N800, not iPod Touch

2. Flash drive – iPod Touch 8GB/16GB flash drive, N800 128MB RAM, 256MB flash memory and expansion card slots

3. Screen size – N800 4.1 inch, iPod Touch 3.5 inch

4. Screen resolution – N800 800×480, iPod Touch 480×320

5. Browser – N800 Mozilla or Opera w/ Adobe Flash 9, iPod Touch Safari (right now iPhone doesn’t have Adobe Flash support but it could be on iPod Touch, unknown)

6. OS – N800 Linux-based, iPod Touch “Touch OS X”
meaning you can install software (see on the former, but not the latter

7. Skype/VoIP possibility – N800 yes, iPod Touch no

8. RSS Reader N800 yes, iPod Touch no

9. Size – iPod Touch is much thinner and overall smaller, and sleeker

10. Price – iPod Touch $299/$399, N800 $399

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11 responses to “Nokia N800 – The Geek’s iPod Touch :-)

  1. haha, you are a geek!

  2. From Encarta dictionary:

    geek: somebody regarded as unattractive and socially awkward


  3. haha, depends on the dictionary you looked.

    “The word geek has recently come to be used to refer to a person who is fascinated by knowledge and imagination, usually electronic or virtual in nature.”

    “A person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media. Comparable with the classic definition of hacker. ”

    That’s more like what I mean. :)

  4. Wikipedia好像也被block了,我是说大陆。


  5. 我很想见识一下广东话粗口的wikipedia文章是啥样的,呵呵

    apple, actually, my Encarta dictionary did show another definition for geek…

    “somebody who is a proud or enthusiastic user of computers or other technology, sometimes to an excessive degree”

    i just happened to have “forgotten” to mention…:D

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  7. nice sum up! I wouldn’t worry about being labelled a geek – after all, geek is the new black :)

    ps: I think the ultimate device would be the a lovechild of the N800 and iPod Touch, ie. the eye-candy GUI and the high capacity/$ of the touch, with the openess, expansion slots and hardware of the N800. geek on!

  8. my thoughts too! maybe the rumored Nokia N900 will be just that thing…

    “it’s not easy being geek”…


  9. Nice! I guess I’ll be waiting for that to arrive then *sigh*

    on a different note, do you twitter at all? I’m just reading your post regarding happiness – good stuff!

  10. thank you… no i don’t twitter, barely know what it is… sounds like lots of sms, IM stuff, don’t use them… besides, stuff like that are for teenagers… : ) j/k

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