DWTS Week 1 Results: Fan Base

No surprises. Josie went home, as I expected. Like she said in her clip, “being a model you only need to look good, you don’t have to train the strength”, and Alec summed up “(she is) deceptively unfit”, I don’t think many people were shocked that she’s gone.

What was a little surprising was Mark Cuban was the bottom man, not Floyd. Considering their physical talent and body attributes, I would think Floyd should’ve danced a lot better than Cuban, but in fact he did worse. Fan base is always a big factor in the first week. Guess a referee-arguing billionaire doesn’t have a whole lot of fans voting for him, except for the few Mavericks fans who also happen to watch DWTS (how many sports fanatics do you know that also watch a show like Dancing with the Stars?!).

On a side note, I wonder why Mark Cuban decided to do DWTS after having just had hip surgery.

A few random thoughts:

  • Albert Reed’s “hip action” in his ChaCha was more Elvis like than Latin like. He even looks like Elvis. His pro partner, Anna Trebunskaya, doesn’t seem to have taught the basics very well. (However, his Zoolander model walk really cracked me up the other night.)
  • Jennie Garth was one of the first two that were declared safe. Lots of people agreed with me. :-)
  • Backstage interviews are hard to do. Drew Lachey now knows Samantha Harris didn’t have an easy job. I wonder if the questions he asked were written in advance or he just came up with it live.
  • Alec Mazo and Edyta are married to each other. Lots of people don’t know that. That’s where the comment about “giving (his) votes to Edyta” came from.
  • I find myself rooting for the two Houghs.

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