DWTS Season 5 Opener, The Women

Three things I liked the most about Monday’s opening night show:

1. Co-host is no longer Samantha Harris (I don’t dislike her but she’s just not been a very good co-host). Instead it’s Drew Lachey which I think played off Tom very well. The Len’s assessment joke came very natural and cracked me up. He also related better with the celebrity dancers, being a former contestant himself, as a result asked more sensible questions.

2. Derek Hough and Mark Ballas, the two exciting new comers, both did great choreography and, had Jennie/Derek not been the first couple to dance, their scores would’ve been higher. I love the upper body and arms of Sabrina Bryan in her Chacha. Usually beginners focus so much on the feet they don’t look as nice on the upper half, but she did superbly. That said, I’m not sure she will look as good in a Foxtrot or Waltz, where movement is more disciplined and extension and posture are far more important.

3. Tom’s interview with the “men”. He has such a quick wit and always gives great sideline interview (the one on last season’s finale was the best bit of the night). My favorite tonight was when, after Mark Cuban claiming himself to be “a lean, mean dancing machine”, he said “we also welcome the delusional… being equal opportunity…”, ha ha!

Overall this is a great start, and promising one too.

I like this show for its entertainment value (thanks for a great host and entertaining judges), but I love SYTYCD for its dances. Some say it’s apples and oranges and I agree. If a comparison had to be made, DWTS is more of a reality show about (ballroom) dance while SYTYCD is a dance show that happens to be reality tv.

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3 responses to “DWTS Season 5 Opener, The Women

  1. You probably will be interested to know that China already had a counterpart TV program. It’s called Dancing Miracle. See the website: http://www.hunantv.com/lanmu/wdqj/.

    It’s now a very popular TV program in China also. Many my colleagues in Beijing (and/or their wifes) love this program and won’t miss any episode.

    It’s like the big success of Super Girl in China, which is exactly the duplicate of “American Model”. I guess people around the world have the same taste now. Another example of globalization!

  2. i also know that there used to be a dance program in China that’s called “Burning the Floor”…

    Like the Nokia executive said (about the iphone clone), “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride.”

  3. Sodnus great to me BWTHDIK

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