DWTS Season 5 Opener, the Men

Two things I didn’t expect to happen happened tonight:

1. Mark Cuban is better than I thought.
I like how he said he’s doing this for his little daughter.

2. Helio Castroneves is way better than I thought.
Before the show I was saying to my hubby that a race car driver would have nothing but upper body strength, when lower body is probably the more important portion in dancing. It turns out that he actually has pretty decent coordination, which is even more important than any body portion.

One thing I expected to happen also happened:

The men’s overall talent level is lower than the women’s. The bar was set pretty high the opening night and it didn’t surprise me they couldn’t reach it. The only performance that’s at the same level as women’s was Helio’s, and even that was in a large part the result of Julianne’s refreshing choreography.

I voted for Helio/Julianne, and Jennie/Derek last night, even though I think Sabrina Bryan gave the best performance (note: yesterday I mistakenly wrote Melanie Brown in my DWTS Opener, The Women when I meant Sabrina Bryan :-p ). Jennie Garth has the potential to be good at both Latin and Ballroom, and she seems to have a great teacher and partner in Derek Hough.

Funniest moment of the night is when Cheryl said Wayne is probably “the best partner” she’s ever had, the expression Drew Lachey put on his face was hilarious.

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