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Thanksgiving Duck

Please don’t laugh, because I’m serious. We are doing duck this year. We’ve done turkey a few times and goose one time (at Christmas). It’s time for something imaginative, and sinful…

Roast Five-Spice Duck with Honeyed-Mango Chutney Sauce

– brought to you by the fastidiously epicurean husband

– photographed by yours truly

1. The Brine

made with orange, onion, Chinese star anise (八角), garlic, ginger, salt, sugar, soy sauce, and all-spice powder

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Thank YOU


It is the time to give thanks and here are mine:

  • Thank you for reading this post (because if you’re, I have just managed to occupy a tiny piece of your precious holiday time).
  • Thank you for reading my other, longer posts (if you haven’t, it’s not too late to start :)).
  • Thank you for remembering my blog, even though it’s not a hard thing to do ;).
  • Thank you for clicking on the feed, even though it’s even easier than remembering.
  • Thank you for smiling, it makes me do the same.
  • Thank you for shaking your head. Sometimes we need that, too.
  • Thank you for letting me know how I do. Your comments always make my day full.
  • Thank you for disagreeing. I wouldn’t otherwise know.
  • Thank you for agreeing. It makes me feel like I know.
  • Thank you for not doing anything. I’m happy either way.
  • Thank you to your turkey. If it makes you happy, I can go away.


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