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The History of Games


I have always been a “gaming” girl since a very, very young age. Having a big brother, who’s five years older and was into everything and anything that involves using the brain (or a quick eye-hand reflex), influenced how I grew up big time. I’m sure he’d have loved to have a brother of similar age to compete against, but since he didn’t have one, a little sister five years younger would do too. What he didn’t realize was, when he lost (which happened a lot), it was just a tad more embarrassing.

Below is my “history of games”. I try to put up as complete a list as possible, to pay tribute to not only my childhood, but also my present, my continuing, though only occasional, fascination with new games and mind practices.

Childhood -> Adulthood:

  • Nintendo (Super Mario, Contra, Bomberman, Tank City, Road Runners, Pac Man, Duck Hunt, various shooting games, arcade games, and tons of others)
  • Chinese chess
  • Chess
  • Chinese checkers (跳棋)
  • Go (围棋)
  • 军棋,四国军棋
  • 飞行棋(I think the English name of this game is called “Sorry!”)
  • Connect Five(五子棋), Connect Four(四子棋), TicTac
  • Various Chinese Card games (升级,争上游,捉黑叉,五十K,说瞎话,拉大车,翻对儿,51点,拱猪(Hearts), Tractor, and many others I don’t remember names for)
  • Bridge
  • Mahjong, of course
  • Computer games (大富翁一二三代,Tronic, Pinball, Tetris, 3-D Tetris, 决战俄罗斯, Vikings, the Carnegie game(卡耐基人生指南), Sim, the Pipe connecting game, Freecell, Minesweeper, and many whose names are lost)

Games I learned/played after I came to the U.S. (most of them I now own):

  • Skip-Bo
  • Sequence
  • Scattergory
  • Scrable
  • Pictionary
  • Taboo
  • 4 corners
  • Uno
  • Spite and Malice
  • Sudoku
  • Bejeweled, Bubbles, and many other variations of this type
  • all the card games in Hoyle Card Games (Gin, Cribbage, Rummy, Pinochle, Solitaire, to name a few)
  • all the board games in Hoyle Board Games (Backgammon, Mancala, Othello, Yahtzee…)
  • all the casino games in Hoyle Casino Games
  • all the word games in Hoyle Word Games (Anagrams, Enigma, DoubleCross, Word Yacht…)
  • Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64 games (Dr Mario, Pokemon Puzzle League are my favorites)
  • lots of PlayStation 2 games (Dead or Alive!)
  • Wii (Wii Sports, Paper Mario, Wario, Wii Play, Legend of Zelda)


  • all those stupid Facebook games I played lately :)
  • Texas Hold’em Poker

Update on Jan 31, 2009:

I must add another two (newly learned and thoroughly fun) here: Carcassonne and 够级.


No Subject

Lately I’ve not been blogging much. There are a few reasons for that:

  1. I’ve been spending lots of time on Facebook, which I just joined a month ago.
  2. I got into poker, Texas Hold’em Poker. I’ve been playing (mostly on Facebook) and absolutely loved it. At the time of speaking, my poker status is “Poker Pro” with about $15,000 in my bag. My goal is to get to at least “Big Dog”, preferrably, “Shark”. :-)
    Texas Hold’em is a fascinating game, so many facets to it, full of strategies and a lot are based on observations.
  3. I’ve spent quite some time reading and commenting on a couple of friends’ blogs, who have been blogging like crazy lately… (you know who you are!)
  4. I’m in a lull.
  5. A couple of other things that were occupying my mind, which I cannot blog about.

However I also remind myself that there are more than a few reasons that I should keep on blogging:

  1. I want to keep a record of my life, my thoughts, my mind so in the future when I look back, I will truly experience that famous saying, “my whole life flashes in front of my eyes”. I just hope after that I would not die.
  2. I want to engage my readers, however many, or few, there are.
  3. I want to keep up a commitment I made when I started. There are few things in my life that have lasted for longer than ten years (with the exception of family, a husband and some friends). A personal blog may not be a very significant part of life, but a will to commit is.
  4. I have a voice, I like to express, that makes me a great candidate for this modern creature called “blogger”.
  5. I consider writing artistic expression. That would make one who writes an artist (whether a good or a bad one is another issue). It feels good to think of self as the creator of something meaningful.
  6. I type fast.