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DWTS Week 9: It’s Raining 10s

So judges were generous tonight, real generous. I think they were just trying to put up this atmosphere of “best semi-final ever” to hype people up. So everyone would rave “wow there were 5 perfect scores” then people will be more likely to watch the finale…

The Front Runner

Mel B got 30 for both her dances, so did Helio. Len said Helio/Julianne were the stand-out, I have to disagree. Mel is a much more polished dancer than Helio, and of course probably a bit more trained too. She moves very well and rarely looks awkward. The same can’t be said of Helio or any of the remaining celebrities.

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DWTS Week 5: Latin Night

Samba and Rumba. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Let’s get right to the important stuffs:

  • I think everyone got a big scare when Marie dropped to the floor the way she did. Thank goodness it didn’t turn out as bad as it looked. This reminds me of what happened to Jessie on last season’s So You Think You Can Dance. The show producers are not gonna like this kind of things.
    You gotta hand it to Tom Bergeron though for still being able to fill in some humor when he commented that in movies it was romantic to swoon and on live TV it scared the hell out of him. Talking about speaking from the heart.
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SYTYCD Live Tour: It’s LIVE!

I bought the tour tickets mostly because I wanted to see Danny Tidwell dance live and I wanted to see some of my favorite routines especially ballroom ones danced live.

The Start

We arrived at Continental Airline Arena, where the event was held, one full hour early. The line was already 200 people long. About 20 minutes later, we looked back and the line behind us was like this: Continue reading

SYTYCD, After the Finale


So You Think You Can Dance season 3 is over. My favorite, Danny, didn’t win.

I’d thought I would be pretty upset if he wasn’t the winner, but I’m not. I had such a great time watching Thursday night’s finale show, celebrating what a fantastic season this has been, that I almost didn’t care who the winner would be (the keyword is “almost”;). They really did an excellent job with the finale, putting together lots of interesting pieces, footages and performances and showed them in a nice pace that you didn’t feel it was dragging and were able to sit through the commercials quite patiently.

All my favorite routines were re-danced. Even the guest performances were quite good. The montage shown when the singer was singing “I will remember You” was so moving and real.

This is my favorite show of all. I like it more than Dancing with the Stars, although I thoroughly enjoy both. The choreography, music and dance quality are obviously better in SYTYCD, but what makes it really special is the camaraderie among those brilliant young people and the coach-pupil relationship between them and the judges. In this show the judges appear to really care about the contestants’ progress as a dancer. They give very honest opinions and are very sincere. There is a very pure, almost innocent, quality to the show which is so rare in today’s reality shows. Those talented young dancers get the chance of their lifetime to work with / be critiqued by these highly acclaimed professional choreographers/judges. Everyone is so genuinely involved and speak from their heart. Very little TV manipulation and nothing is fake. This to me, is the biggest factor why SYTYCD was so successful. The spectacular, world class choreography and superb performances are just icing on the cake. They show off the beauty of life like no other art form does, i.e., through the beauty of human body itself.

People like to say, “it’s just a tv show”. Those people don’t watch. To me, this is not a “show”, this is the actual “thing”. It’s life, in front of your eyes, and it can’t be more real.

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