2009 Movies

Some of them I’ve put in one line “reviews” in Flixster right after I came back from the theater, some I have not. To separate from the ones I just wrote I put those “first-impression” Flixster ones in double quotes . The movies highlighted in color are ones I think anyone should watch or they would regret it.

2009 movies watched in theater:

  • District 9
    • What a piece of work.
  • Avatar
    • By the third weekend I’d already seen it twice. I think that says plenty enough. There were scenes that gave me goose bumps; the music had so much to do with it (just like with Titanic). The whole experience affects you so much you forget your surroundings and totally immerse in it. And just like Titanic, it is such an extraordinary experience you honestly don’t care if it has the most original plot line. That brings about my personal philosophy of movie going: don’t read reviews or watch trailers before going; know as little as possible. The best thing about seeing a movie like these on opening weekend is you don’t have to hear all the people talking about it and end up going in with all the hype building up your expectations (for inevitable disappointment). Go in with a blank canvas and the only experience you will have is your own. That is so important.
  • Up in the Air
    • A movie that makes you savor for a long long time afterward, like sipping a good cup of tea.
  • (500) Days of Summer
    • “The genre of romantic comedy needs more movies like this.”
  • Ponyo
    • The beauty of it was breathtaking.
  • Michael Jackson’s This Is It
  • An Education
    • There is no shortcut in life. -Jenny
  • Up
  • Away We Go
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
    • Because I’ve read and loved the book, I went in fully prepared to be disappointed, and an hour and half later, I wasn’t.

DVDs watched in 2009:

  • Tropic Thunder
  • My Neighbor Totoro

5 responses to “2009 Movies

  1. We only watched “Up” among them and we loved it. It would be nice to watch “Avatar” if my wife could sustain 3 hours of sitting.

  2. Get “District 9” on DVD and try to go see Avatar IMAX 3D by yourself. Yes it’d be worth it. Missing Avatar 3D in theater is worse than never seeing Titanic in theater because the experience cannot be duplicated by the best home theater.

  3. i wanted to watch a lot of the movies on your list…

  4. I like both your year-end posts! I’m still not on Facebook…but…resistance is futile. I think! I didn’t like the 3-D effects in Avatar, after another couple of months I may see it again, “regular.” I liked your succinct summary of “Time Traveler’s Wife”. hehe.
    Gung Hay Fat Choy (from my Cantonese part of the world!)

  5. thank you muse… I hope… ;)

    it’s good to have the new year on a Sunday with Monday off, a rare luxury

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