2009 in Facebook Status

There are lots of truth in the belief that Facebook is killing casual blogging. I look back at my FB statuses written in the past year and realize at least 80% of them could have been made into blog posts, had I wanted or taken the time. To make up for my laziness, here are my year 2009 in Facebook status*:

*I took out some for privacy and other reasons


was singing/dancing/freezing herself to death on the coldest night ever, watching White Plains new year ball drop & welcoming 2009 from the bottom of her heart!

thinks this is hilarious: Delete 10 FB Friends, Get a Free Whopper http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10136679-2.htm

had a terrific reunion with some folks she hasn’t seen for 12 years, then didn’t get home until 1am cuz friend’s car got towed for parking overtime.

is feeling the new year of Ox but is not quite there yet… (20 minutes…)

is spending the night calling families in China.

just got a Quicken promo email: On Valentine’s Day, Nothing is better than hearing the 3 magical words… “Get Cash Back.”


is invited over to watch Super Bowl with a bunch of Steelers fans/friends, even though she barely knows anything about football and is carrying cold virus.

got a quiz request from a friend that says: “xxx wants to know: Are You Weird?”… So that’s what happens to you after you tell people 25 things??

took two movie quizzes yesterday and scored awfully in both.

just came back from “The Reader” and doesn’t feel like talking.

is enjoying the Oscars very much so far.

had the best time watching art and brilliance be celebrated, talent and passion be rewarded. There aren’t many things better than that.


says the fact that 3 SYTYCD (her fav show) ex-finalists will be dancing as pros on the new DWTS (her other fav show) season suits her just fine.

had Chicken Lollipop, Dhedo, a super hot “Bhutanese National Dish”, and many other things Tibetan/Nepali at Himalalyan Yak. She’d definitely go there again…

“What’s on your mind?” So we don’t have to talk in third person any more? I sure am gonna miss That

just did archery for the 1st time ever..

My cat just vomited a hairball in my handbag. My cellphone’s smelling like chicken.

just came back from Chavin and thinks it’s a crime a half Peruvian rotisserie chicken that delicious only cost $8. They should charge more.

What will it be like to be standing at the center of Time Square tomorrow night 8:30pm, watching all the lights go off at the blink of an eye?

had schweinshaxe for dinner; schnitzel was also on the table… German is now #26.


Do it the right way, or don’t do it at all.

It’d be nice if winning the Mega Million jackpot could, instead of give me 100 million dollars, give me 10 million dollars and grant me the power to have 48 hours a day.

is heading to her 1st hiking trip in 6 months. Winter is looong…


saw this on someone else’s twitter: “Be yourself. Everyone else’s taken.”

Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you. http://bit.ly/6tDdo

It is not easy being 2.0.

“Having ideals is having a compass that always points to your heart instead of your brain.” – John Maeda

Beef & Lamb Gyro. Falafel with sesame sauce. Hummus. => My very satisfying lunch.

My Saturday was filled with yummy street food, miles of walking and silly chatters. In between those things I also got on a boat in Central Park with 3 Doctors, helped install a cat furniture, enjoyed some super delicious dishes from Wondee Siam’s Secret Thai menu…(the rest was cut off by Facebook’s new length limit)

DWTS has a very honest voting audience. You only need to have watched all 8 seasons to truly understand it.

Did they decide to start serving ice cream in the kitchen on the 1st day of the Weight Loss Competition just to torment the guys that are in it?

Turns out my solution to the Fried Brain Problem was playing through the last level of Enigmo while watching the last episode of Jay Leno at the same time. That plus 2 hours of PokerStars afterwards. My brain is very rested now.


Which stupid quiz should I take next? (Mike “The Quiz Police” thinks it should be “Which Facebook Quiz Are You?”. I’m more open-minded than that.)

Yesterday was the 25th Birthday of Tetris.

Wish all the Dads on here a very happy day. The holiday is special to me because I was born on one.

Instead of judging a troubled genius, celebrate and be grateful that the world once had him and gazillions of people’s lives were better because of his music and his art.


Will be at Montreal this long weekend. If any of you have been there and have good suggestions on anything, I’d love to hear it.

just died and went to Heaven. There are ducks all over the place. They run around without their liver, and faint at any sound that resembles the name Martin Picard.

just crossed border and is now back in the wonderful America, the only country on earth that has AT&T.

wants to know the algorithm behind the Friends Suggestions on the right.

Since when did the legendary Booze Mail app morph itself into something called SpeedDate?? it keeps sending me notification of “Here are 5 new men for you to meet… Click here to view more men”… … wow who said Facebook is a waste of time

Coconut Pinkberry. High Line Park. Soba-Ya. Milk Tofu. Takoyaki. Sunday. Summer. East Village. I love New York.

has gone 4 days without doing anything on Facebook

was so hungry she forgot to take picture of the food.

is at intermission of the most fabulously fantastically spectacular live dance show she’s ever been to, and loving every minute of it!


Saw on Tumblr: “The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.”

says Jeanine tonight.

still savoring the street-vendor-award-winning German “soul” food lunch I just had… Some things just can’t be put into words… (though they almost always can be put into… … mouth?)

just came back from a very remarkable movie, “District 9”, and has a feeling that people are gonna be hearing A LOT about this movie in the coming days, months, or even years.

If you have never watched any one of Hayao Miyazaki’s (creator of “Spirited Away”) anime films, your life as a moviegoer is incomplete.


The (unread count) number next to my Gmail Inbox this morning is 3000.


Instapaper. The quality of your intellectual life will be improved drastically once you start using Instapaper. #ImportantLifeAdviceOfTheDay


Life is hard. To live, even harder.

“You do not LOVE because it is BEAUTIFUL, but it is BEAUTIFUL because you LOVE it.” – unknown


is boarding a ship twice the size of the Titanic


“There’s no shortcut in life.”

loves goat curry

I’d rather be wise than smart.

is sitting in the dentist office on the last day of 2009. exciting!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


4 responses to “2009 in Facebook Status

  1. This is very cool! Kind like Twitter blogs. The best part is you can write the mini status blogs right at the moment whenver you feel like to and don’t need to worry about how to put it into a proper blog. It definitely capture more thoughts than formal blogs!

  2. i find the time is very important to have with the individual status~

    looks like a full year…which dance show was that?

  3. my dear, but I don’t have that (the time)… I grabbed these from “My Year in Status” app where it only listed them by month… I don’t know how you managed to get those times

    the show was Burn the Floor on broadway…

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