Happy April Fool’s Day


April Fool’s Day always bring back fond memories for me, mostly because of my numerous successful pranks I’ve played back in the college days. Every time I think back of those they bring smiles back to my face. I guess the reason it feels so warm is that they were played on my best friends (and boyfriend, once) who now live far away. It seems back in those golden years everything was full of happiness and laughter. They were certainly the happiest five years of my life.

I dedicate this post to my husband (my then b.f. who was fooled by me into thinking the lock on our dining hall (#9) locker was hacked by thieves), my dear friend Garfy (who fell victim to my naughtiness and went to boys’ dorm to fetch a letter that didn’t exist), and friends on a mailing list that I sent a “printer-shredder” prank to. They made beautiful memories, and it’s this time of the year again.


3 responses to “Happy April Fool’s Day

  1. hehe, I was once fooled by Xiajie and Haijing to wait in a classroom for a full noon time, waiting for some romantic encounters in one of the April 1 days in colleage. People are unbelievably volunerable at those days. Maybe because we had many unfullfilled dreams back then. :)

  2. haha, would’ve loved to see that…

    i think back then we were so innocent mostly because we were so happy, 无忧无虑

  3. hehe, I didn’t feel the same. A lot of pressures from everywhere, especially trying to find the right life partner. You were so lucky to end up the search early ^_* And anyway, since girls were more in passive mode and boys are in active mode. The pressures were in different levels :)

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