No Subject

Lately I’ve not been blogging much. There are a few reasons for that:

  1. I’ve been spending lots of time on Facebook, which I just joined a month ago.
  2. I got into poker, Texas Hold’em Poker. I’ve been playing (mostly on Facebook) and absolutely loved it. At the time of speaking, my poker status is “Poker Pro” with about $15,000 in my bag. My goal is to get to at least “Big Dog”, preferrably, “Shark”. :-)
    Texas Hold’em is a fascinating game, so many facets to it, full of strategies and a lot are based on observations.
  3. I’ve spent quite some time reading and commenting on a couple of friends’ blogs, who have been blogging like crazy lately… (you know who you are!)
  4. I’m in a lull.
  5. A couple of other things that were occupying my mind, which I cannot blog about.

However I also remind myself that there are more than a few reasons that I should keep on blogging:

  1. I want to keep a record of my life, my thoughts, my mind so in the future when I look back, I will truly experience that famous saying, “my whole life flashes in front of my eyes”. I just hope after that I would not die.
  2. I want to engage my readers, however many, or few, there are.
  3. I want to keep up a commitment I made when I started. There are few things in my life that have lasted for longer than ten years (with the exception of family, a husband and some friends). A personal blog may not be a very significant part of life, but a will to commit is.
  4. I have a voice, I like to express, that makes me a great candidate for this modern creature called “blogger”.
  5. I consider writing artistic expression. That would make one who writes an artist (whether a good or a bad one is another issue). It feels good to think of self as the creator of something meaningful.
  6. I type fast.

9 responses to “No Subject

  1. 我在facebook上面最花时间的一件事好像就是四处去pat fluffy friends, 还有跟人家比较电影评论。


  2. great! I want you to go pet my fluffy friend!!! :-D

    上面还是有不少好玩的的,my favorites are Likeness, Superlatives, Hatching eggs, Growing gifts, and of course SuperPoke!

    It’s a good way to waste time

  3. haha
    i love your last reason…

  4. hehe

    “I type, therefore I blog.”

  5. i haven’t played poker that much…maybe i should give it a try ;) at least it is not real money on facebook ;)

    btw, i have been spending huge amount of time playing scrabulous lately…any of you guys wanna start a game? it is gonna be at very leisurely pace…no hurry no pressure at all ;)

  6. hehe, since you “type fast”, you should blog more frequently, as a “responsible blogger” :)

  7. yes, blogging is addictive, esp if u love to write :) and i find that feedback from readers help u improve as well, and this is wat i like abt the internet (but not facebook! ;p)

  8. scrabulous i have an ongoing one with ch, losing right now…

    apple: haha

    Jun: u r absolutely right (about the readers)… they are what keep us going!

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