Just saw it last weekend. What a delight! Cher was fabulous. The whole family was hilarious (thanks to an Oscar winning script). And I’ve never seen Nicholas Cage look so young.

I don’t like spoiling movies for other people, so let me just say this is one of the best comedies I’ve seen in a long, long time. A timeless classic. It lightens up your spirit and warms your heart.

Why aren’t they making movies like this any more?

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7 responses to “Moonstruck

  1. i love moonstruck! it is absolutely hilarious…sadly cage isn’t acting as good as nowadays…but he is still a perfect match for cher!

  2. Welcome back! :)

    agree about Cage, although i’ve never really been a fan of his…

  3. 这是87年的老片子吧,你怎么翻到的?

  4. u were moonstruck by cher, i was awestruck by lust, caution ;p yes, i finally got to watch it last nite, and i have to admit that it wasn’t as slow-moving as everybody claimed. i like the twist at the end. i found it tragically gripping.

    do u speak shanghainese (or can u understand it)? it sounds like a beautiful mixture of teochew and cantonese :)

  5. That was the word to describe it, “tragically gripping”… couldn’t have said it better

    i don’t speak shanghainese (wish i did) but i do understand some of it from childhood (my grandparents lived there).

    apple, i bought the dvd long time ago… if you want i can lease it to you, rate will only be slightly higher than Blockbuster…

  6. I agree this was a delightful film. Loved the metamorphoses of the characters. They and their motivations were believable. Glad you liked it. Just saw Mr. Cage in the new National Treasure. The movie was a bit of a stretch, but great fun, and I thought he was good. Great cast!

    {Hi, Kitties!}

  7. didn’t see National Treasure… its box office sure looked impressive…

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