Just got back from Hawaii vacation. Immediately felt guilty that I haven’t posted for almost a week. The trip was nice (and warm!) but the last couple of days we caught the rain. I also got an unexpected “souvenir” from a kayak-hiking-river-crossing trip: mosquito bites! A whopping 40 of them!! All within one hour of walking in the woods! My legs and arms looked like, well, I can’t think of anything that looks quite like them. It’s quite a sight.

Despite that and the storm (which was said by locals to be very rare, yet we were “lucky” enough to run into), we still enjoyed the trip. This is the second time we’ve been to the state. We did totally different things than what we did the first time, and went to a different Island. I’ll write more when I have more time. Aloha.

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12 responses to “Aloha!

  1. I’m glad you had a good time! Hmmm, I lived there for a year, and never got mosquito bites. But then, I didn’t really hike much in the dense part of the tropical forest. Hope you are not too itchy!

    • What a wonderful story I won a trip to Hawaii when I was in hcishghool and it is still my most favorite place on earth!! I want to take my husband there one day (it’s on my wish list). We love the beach, the ocean, the sand, the sun, the salty breeze. Heaven will have beaches I am so sure P.S. I just scrolled through and saw some of your pictures and they are amazing!! Just breathtaking!

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  2. We even went out hiking the previous day and didn’t get any mosquitos either. I think it was just that particular river path on the kayak/hiking tour. About being itchy, heihei, you don’t wanna know. I had to go to local pharmacy to buy some anti-itch cream…

    Didn’t know you lived there for a year, wow that must be one heck of a year! It’s such a beautiful place, and different too…

  3. 好像越陌生的地方,蚊子留的包就越久,这些东西欺生得厉害。


  4. 我好像就是招蚊子,别人都没啥事儿,CH也只被咬了不到二十个,一半都不及!!

  5. 欢迎回来!总看不到你的博客更新,觉得怪怪的。一大早,我老婆就惊呼你回来了,原来是看到你的新博客了。呵呵!等着看更多的照片和游记了!

    原来你也招蚊子。我结婚后,只要跟我老婆在一起,就没被咬过。看来你也有同样的功用,呵呵 :) 希望能赶快好起来,只能勤快点抹药吧。

  6. 惊-呼,我好感动啊~~~~


  7. 她是啊,不过我也是B型,没觉得招蚊子啊。另外,你出去hiking 难道没有先喷一些驱蚊药在身上么?也许夏威夷的蚊子特别剽悍,不怕驱蚊药。

  8. 因为之前一天去hiking一点事儿都没有,所以觉得没必要,没想到蚊子都在那河边的树林里埋伏着呢

  9. welcome back! my sympathy to the bites! do not scratch them! try your best :-)

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