DWTS Finale: A Fun Season

The show was over, champion crowned. Once again America didn’t vote for the best technical dancer (last time that happened was when Mario Lopez lost to Emmitt Smith). This time however I’m not even sure Helio was the most improved, but that doesn’t matter any more. It was a great season with lots of quality dances, tons of drama, and tremendous fun.

About Mel B. After watching tonight’s Mambo I was very convinced that she is the best technical dancer, female or male, this show has ever seen. In some sense I even feel she’s better than Sabrina Bryan. The latter is the better dancer, but the former is the better ballroom dancer.

I’m a bit sad that she didn’t win, partly because I really thought a woman was going to win this time, with such a strong cast. I guess American voters like underdogs. And more important, they like likable personalities. Which is really not surprising when you think of it. This, after all, is a reality TV show, not a dance competition.

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2 responses to “DWTS Finale: A Fun Season

  1. anythingthatglitters

    As a ballroom dancer myself, I completely agree with you that Helio won more for personality than technique…but even though Mel might be a better dancer, dont you think she had an unfair advantage since she had prior dancing experience?? I think the fact that Helio had never danced before and got this far in 10 weeks is amazing. For that reason, I’m thrilled he won last night :) I enjoy reading your thoughts though– keep it up!

    Vanessa :) http://anythingthatglitters.wordpress.com

  2. thanks Vanessa. You’re right Mel has an advantage on experience, but i think based on what happened in previous 4 seasons (when women celebs could barely get into finals), the producers have decided that it is necessary to pick female celebs that had a bit dance experience, to compensate the inherent disadvantages women celebs face because of the nature of the ballroom dances (it shows off the women, see “the theory” in my post at the beginning of the season).

    And there are many different types of advantages. One can say Helio has an advantage because he didn’t have the crazy schedule Mel had and was able to have a lot more practice time… It’s hard to measure these and say who has the most advantage than others, so i tend to think they all kinda even out in the end ;-)

    I enjoyed your blog too…

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