DWTS The Finals: Freestyle

In the past seasons of Dancing with the Stars one thing seems to be always true: whoever wins the freestyle, wins. I don’t know if that is just coincidence or there is indeed some correlation. To me, a great ballroom choreographer is not necessarily a great freestyle choreographer, but if you are a great freestyle choreographer (in the context of DWTS), you are probably a great ballroom choreographer too. That’s just my theory.

If that trend continues, Helio/Julianne will win because they definitely had the best freestyle tonight. However I’m not sure that’s what it should be, because this is a ballroom dance show, not a freestyle show. It should reward whoever is the best ballroom dancer after 10 weeks.

Of course, that is if we live in a perfect world where there is no such thing called “fan voting”.

Back to the dances.

Mel’s freestyle started out quite strong (loved the chair) but I think her costume failed her. How do you deliver a supposedly Hip Hop performance on black pantyhose and 4 inch heels? And Maks is not a great freestyle choreographer. Anyone who’s trained their whole life exclusively on ballroom dancing is hard-pressed to choreograph freestyle because ballroom dancing is so structured and disciplined it’s the polar opposite of what freestyle stands for. Before you ask, Julianne was not exclusively trained in ballroom. She went to Italia Conti Academy which is Britain’s oldest theatre arts training school and was trained in both singing and dancing (not limited to ballroom). So if this were judged on freestyle alone she’d win it every time.

I love the song Mel/Maks used though, Timbaland’s “The Way I Are“, which was also the song of a Hip Hop number, by Neil and Lauren, in last season’s So You Think You Can Dance. I didn’t care much for that one though.

About Marie Osmond’s dances, I was going to adhere to the rule of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”, but then I changed my mind and decided to put a one-liner in: those two dances were the worst performances on the finals of any DWTS season.

And what’s even worse? She thought they were great.

I voted for Mel because I think she’s the best dancer. History, however, as we all know has proved that the best dancer doesn’t always win. I just pray it’s not the worst dancer that does this time.

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5 responses to “DWTS The Finals: Freestyle

  1. I agree about the poor performance from Marie, fake the fainting was not enough ?
    About who is the best, no question, Helio Castroneves
    Mel, she can still practice with the Spice Girls.
    Peace !

  2. with all due respect, Marie didn’t fake the fainting! that’s a bad thing to say…

    Helio is good but he benefits a lot from Julianne’s choreography, more so than any other celeb…

  3. No, Marie did not deserve to win as her last performance was not that great, but the backlash she is getting is not merited. She’s an inspiring person, started Children’s Miracle Network, never has a bad thing to say about others, lost gracefully, and I thought that the doll routine, though not the best, was definitely creative. I don’t get the people who are full of venom towards her. She is beautiful inside and out.

  4. Carmen, I believe everything you said about her. To my own defense, when I said I don’t have anything nice to say there was a phrase “About Marie’s dances” right before my statement. I wasn’t commenting on what kind of person she is, nor do I have any venom toward her.

    I stand by my opinion about her as a dancer and her reaction to judges’ scores (which were very fair) were not very graceful in my eyes.

    I guess we’ll just have to agree that, when you are on a reality tv show like this you’re exposing yourself to people who have no idea who you are but only get to know you based on what you do on camera. There’s bound to be mis-perceptions and mis-understandings.

    Thank you for voicing your opinion, they are much appreciated.

  5. Lynn Angela Pisco

    I just wanted to say Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts are fantastic couple to dance these amazing routine performances onto the floor during ” Dancing With The Stars “. They have been working so hard with the endless hours of rehearsals until 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning and get them done for this show . I’m mean how hard is that I’ve wondered . Come on now people, you have give Marie Osmond credit though she has done so much to achieved her goal to loose a lot of weight from this show and with a remarkable sense of smile and humor that won’t quit you have to wondered Marie is a kind of person who has a big heart to enjoyed having her fans and family by her side through this tough month . Marie really deserves to appreciate on what she has accomplished so far and that’s what really matters . I think we as fans should continue to congratulate on how far she has been going into the finals and enjoying on what Marie has become . Also learning how to become a professional entertainer and dancer makes Marie Osmond a diva with so much energy and style who makes her dream to come true !

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