Thanksgiving Duck

Please don’t laugh, because I’m serious. We are doing duck this year. We’ve done turkey a few times and goose one time (at Christmas). It’s time for something imaginative, and sinful…

Roast Five-Spice Duck with Honeyed-Mango Chutney Sauce

– brought to you by the fastidiously epicurean husband

– photographed by yours truly

1. The Brine

made with orange, onion, Chinese star anise (八角), garlic, ginger, salt, sugar, soy sauce, and all-spice powder

2. The Duck, after brined for 15 hours

3. Gone in the stove, timer was on, target temperature: 175 F

4. Chopped green scallion

5. 炒油菜苗 a Chinese green vegetable whose name I forgot

6. Roast marinated duck liver

7. 上海咸烧饼 Shanghai Style Salty Baked Bread

8. Target temperature reached… duck is ready!

9. 千呼万唤始出来

10. Another look…

11. Always admire your food before putting them into your mouth…

12. and admire…

13. A piece of duck with scallion on top of a piece of baked bread (烧饼)

14. A piece of duck with scallion in between a piece of baked bread (烧饼)

15. A Duck Wing

16. Another piece… yummm

17. Scallion wrapped in a piece of roast duck skin

18. Roast duck and scallion wrapped in traditional, Northern style paper thin wrap (木须皮)

19. …

20. When it was all over…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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19 responses to “Thanksgiving Duck

  1. 我还没吃中饭,看得那个馋啊, 太丰盛了,尤其是看起来很香脆的鸭皮……


  2. hehe, 你没发现我最爱照残羹剩饭吗(见此贴

  3. 哇塞,很像全聚德烤鸭!而且家伙事还挺齐全,包的,夹的,沾得都有,真是烤鸭大餐!


  4. to answer the technical questions:

    The other end of the thermometer goes into the duck and thru the thickest part of the meat (usually thigh), so when that gets to 175F the meat is considered ready. It took us about 1 hour 40 minutes.

    We didn’t baste the duck with any oil. The color didn’t look so bright in person as on camera, so the secret is really simple:

    get a different camera…


  5. Why would anyone laugh? The brine alone looks delicious!!! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

  6. because ducks are funny and silly? :)

  7. the duck looks super! how delicious it must be!

    i love the gadget you guys used…it looks and sounds so high tech…gotta get one of those some day!

    did you guys make the shanghai style pancake too?

  8. haha, i wish i could say yes we made them, to impress…

    but integrity is more important than competence.

    that “gadget” is a must for roasting big bird, if not any meat, in the oven… otherwise how else would you know the meat inside is ready? what if it’s still raw…

  9. 高科技阿!一看你们就是专业的,跟我们这些业余烤家有区别。崇拜,崇拜!

  10. wow! u are one lucky girl indeed! is tht Shanghai Style Salty Baked Bread a traditional item? i dun remember coming across it when i was in shanghai (then again, there were too many good food thr to distract me ;p). oh, and i know the veg! it’s 菜心! (or maybe u guys have a diff name for it?)

  11. Jun, the baked bread is pretty common food in Shanghai (usually breakfast)…
    So, you do know how to write Chinese characters ah… ;-)


  12. even without the pancake, it is still very impressive!

    the brine…how did it work? did you guys steep the duck in it for 15 hours? does it need to be heated? or just a marinade?

  13. the brine did need to be heated and cooled off before duck was put in…

    based on my, uh, observations.

  14. 不是吹捧,工欲善其事,必先利其器。你们的工具太先进了,所以专业!

  15. haha yeah i’m chinese educated :P

  16. Great blog!!!
    Thanks for this cool recipe!

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