DWTS Week 9: It’s Raining 10s

So judges were generous tonight, real generous. I think they were just trying to put up this atmosphere of “best semi-final ever” to hype people up. So everyone would rave “wow there were 5 perfect scores” then people will be more likely to watch the finale…

The Front Runner

Mel B got 30 for both her dances, so did Helio. Len said Helio/Julianne were the stand-out, I have to disagree. Mel is a much more polished dancer than Helio, and of course probably a bit more trained too. She moves very well and rarely looks awkward. The same can’t be said of Helio or any of the remaining celebrities.

I’m glad she picked Viennese Waltz because the first time she did VW I said in my week 4 recap that she had really nice lines and rise and falls. I liked it even better this time.

The Chasers

Marie was lucky her QuickStep got a great music, “Good Morning” song from “Singing in the Rain” (I love that song. Every time I hear it I remember that hilarious lip-sync scene Donald O’Connor did with Debbie Reynolds singing behind his back). The music and the messy long costume made her footwork look better than it was.

Looking at her Mambo I don’t see much improvement from the last time she did it. They looked similar.

Jennie’s Chacha I’m not sure it was a 30 but tonight 10s were like freebies handed out in a conference center. :)

As to Helio, how could someone wearing such a hideous bright red from head to toe get a perfect score? He should be banned from the floor instead.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s Avril Lavigne‘s appearance. Her “Keep Holding On” and Danny/Lacey’s Viennese Waltz (video) to it remains my favorite dance of the past SYTYCD season.

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