A Fortune Cookie

Went to a Chinese restaurant tonight. After we finished dinner they brought us two fortune cookies. Here is mine:  

Fortune Cookie



6 responses to “A Fortune Cookie

  1. my name is “the Chef” ;p

  2. to Jun “the Chef”, now you know what fortune cookie you should serve those who eat your food…

    i did a search on “funny fortune cookies” there are tons of them out there… Here’s one for you guys to enjoy on a sunday afternoon:

    “A closed mouth gathers no feet.”


  3. 哈哈,从来没有见过这么搞笑的fortune cookie. 看来还是你的命好。:) 你最后捐了么?如果没捐,那你还是个唯物主义者!

  4. 你怎么这么高深,什么命啊唯物主义的全都出来了。。。可以

  5. 这个idea不错耶,那些庙里求签的地方可以学习,找个签写上:今日宜破财,请捐款。

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