DWTS Week 8: Face, Lower, Feet

Other than a good Quickstep and an excellent Mambo, nothing really stood out for me tonight, except for some hilarious moments from Len Goodman and the always brilliant Tom Bergeron:

“If you’re in a romantic mood, just breathe heavily when you vote, that’d be lovely”

“And join me later tonight, on eBay…” (holding Helio’s cape left on the floor)

“I feel so objectified by them. Piece of meat. In a tie.” (on Mel and Maks’ constant harassing him)

Though the best one came from Len:

“As a young man, I used to look always at girls’ faces; As I got a bit older, my eyes started to go slightly lower; and now, all I’m doing is looking at your feet, to see if you’re doing the heels and toes… I’ve become a ‘foot man’!” 

Back to the dances.

Wooden. I’ve always been searching for a word to describe Cameron’s often stiff movement (which in part I think is due to his bulkiness), so when they said “wooden”, I finally found it. It showed especially in his latin dances like Samba and Chacha. He also doesn’t know how to tuck in his tummy and move the center of gravity a little forward when he dances.

Right after Helio did his opening steps I thought to myself “Quickstep is his dance”. He’s light on the feet and is able to hold a good posture. Ballroom suits him better than latin. I’m not sure that should be a 30 but it was close. Very good choreography.

Mel’s Mambo I really liked. Some of the steps she did were quite authentic. Best Mambo I have seen on this show. I also think it’s technically better than last season Laila’s Mambo (which ended up her best dance).

Marie Osmond talks too much. I hope someone let her know she isn’t very funny. And her Rumba was atrocious. If it were up to me I’d pick her to go home tomorrow, but it (probably) won’t happen because of her fan base.

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2 responses to “DWTS Week 8: Face, Lower, Feet

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said… I can’t believe Cameron actually said he deserved 10s last week (out loud! and in front of cameras!)

  2. if Marie doesn’t go tonight, Cameron probably will…

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