DWTS Week 7: Two Dances

Everyone is doing two dances this week, one ballroom and one latin. When you have twice as much dance to learn in the same amount of time, the average quality of each dance is bound to suffer a little. I think that was what happened tonight. With the exception of one or two dances.

  • I really, really liked Mel B’s Paso, more than I liked Sabrina’s Paso that got 30. It was very well choreographed. The perfect score was what I would give too.
  • Jennie’s Rumba was good, not great. Very little basics and not enough hip action. She does turns well and the good choreography helped a lot. Bruno said Rumba was her best dance, I totally disagree (even Derek was surprised by that comment). Her Paso even Argentine Tango was better.
  • Cameron got a very slow music for a Jive, which made it a lot easier for him. That’s why he was able to kick high and fast like he did and was praised for it by the judges.
  • There was something lacking in Marie’s Chacha, it was called musicality. But I do think her hip movement was better than Jane’s in her Chacha, and her dance had more Chacha flavor than Jane’s (who got better score). The judges said Jane was “dainty”, “classy”, but hello? what do those words have anything to do with a latin dance like Chacha!
  • The moment I saw the military-uniform-like costume Marie and Jonathan were wearing, I thought of the trouble Mia Michaels got herself into by mixing fashion with military style on last season’s So You Think You Can Dance. So obviously ABC’s costume department either wasn’t paying attention or was daring anyone to say anything.
  • It’s funny how those judges were praising Helio’s Samba by raving about his smile, as if they were scoring smiles rather than dances. Just being cheerful doesn’t mean you danced a great Samba. This guy on week 7 still doesn’t know how to move his hips.
    Granted, few men this season do.
  • Quote of the night: “Being from Brazil doesn’t mean you are good at Samba, just like being from Texas doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a good president” – Len Goodman.

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2 responses to “DWTS Week 7: Two Dances

  1. For me… Jenie’s best performance was her Mambo last week. She has it in her to be so great. Len said it best: “The only one that doesn’t know [Jennie] is a great dancer is [Jennie]. She’;s lackign the confidence and it reads all over her body language.

    I looooved Mel and Maks’ Paso. It was on fire. My only critique for Mel is her eyes are always on the floor… If you watch last night’s Foxtrot and last weeks Rumba you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

  2. you’re absolutely right on Jennie and her body language. I read that too.

    i think Mel is the front runner now

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