DWTS Week 6 Results: The Bizarre

I almost decided to skip tonight’s post. This is the most bizarre night I’ve ever seen. Is Halloween around the corner?

It went like this: Jane was safe. Surprise. Marie was safe. Another surprise. Sabrina in bottom two. Couldn’t believe it.

Then boom!

Sabrina was done.

It was so shocking that even Tom Bergeron lost his wit and couldn’t find anything better to say than “I’ve picked you in the finals”. When he said something that lame you knew it was bad.

I’m at loss for words too. See you next week.

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One response to “DWTS Week 6 Results: The Bizarre

  1. I was at a loss as well! Unbelievable…

    I was hoping for several more weeks of solid dancing and entertainment… Hopefull Mel and Jennie keep their momentum!

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