DWTS Week 6: Mel B

The Surprises

I can’t believe I’m saying this: I have just seen the best Rumba by a celebrity on Dancing with the Stars ever! It caught my attention right from the beginning move. It was so authentic. The dance was much better than their Samba last week because it was so technically sound. I’m really impressed by Mel B now.

Another pleasant surprise was Cameron’s “Jungle Samba”. Lots of real, basic Samba steps and he did unexpectedly well. They even got a real Samba music…

The Lower Body

Bad lower body doomed both Jane and Marie.

In Jane’s case, bad costume too. The skirt was too short and very un-flattering. She doesn’t have the muscle strength in her legs to kick real fast and real high, like in a good Jive. The skirt emphasized that weakness. She’s going to be in bottom two again. Partly for her dancing, partly for her lack of likable persona (which is not her fault but that’s the reality of reality tv shows).

Marie’s Paso looked okay on the upper body, but her leg action was too slow and too weak to keep up. As a result the flavor of the bull fight was totally ruined.

The Others

For the first time this season, I didn’t think Jennie’s dance as highly as the judges did. The performance was simply not there. After all these weeks she still didn’t look like she’s totally loosened up, or “got the dancer out” of her, like Derek said in week 1. If she doesn’t do that soon, I think the rise of Mel B could put her in danger soon.

Sabrina’s upper body movement was always sharp, and tonight it worked against her because Foxtrot is supposed to be nothing but sharp. Len was right on when he used the word “aggressive”.

Helio/Julianne again got a very nice, crowd pleasing music (maybe that’s the hidden perk for being the defending champ ;-). I’m such a talented conspiracy theorist). His Chacha was not a 10.

Derek Hough should wear white all the time. It goes so well with his hair color.

The bottom two tomorrow, if based by tonight’s performance, should be Jane and Marie. Clear and cut. And Jane will go home, even though Marie probably should.

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