Nightmare in Flushing

It may be hard to believe, but in all these years we’ve lived in the U.S., I have never been a victim of a crime, i.e., have never been robbed or stolen or anything of the sort. Actually, I have never even witnessed any crime in front of my eyes.

Largely this is due to the fact that almost all the places I have lived or worked, Stony Brook, Princeton, Jersey City port side, White Plains, Midtown Manhattan, are all among some of the safest places in the tri-state area.

So when somebody broke in our car and stole all the stuff in it last Saturday in a parking lot at Flushing, Queens, you can imagine it came as quite a shock to me.

They went in from the roof. Destroyed the entire sunroof glass (when we got back to the car the first thing we saw was the shattered glasses all over the front seats). Took our GPS, a bag with two mp3 players in it, and a cellphone car charger (a fr**king cellphone charger! how pathetic is that!).

Despite all that, it must have been a *lucky* day for us because after we’d parked the car we both remembered to take our wallet and cellphone with us.

Here’s a picture of the sunroof (or the lack of it) from the crime scene:

Shattered Sunroof

(This is the only photo as we were too busy calling the police to take more. 8=)

After the police were gone we found ourselves faced with the challenge of cleaning up all the broken glasses, in tiny pieces and powders, inside the car and around the sunroof, with our bare hands. Thankfully, one valuable thing those greedy thieves “surprisingly” did not take was… a roll of paper towel! Yes! Just the gloves we desperately needed…

Later on, a friend told me that there was actually a police station right next to that big, two-story parking lot. Haha now that’s very funny.


11 responses to “Nightmare in Flushing

  1. omg…that is horrible…i hope you guys did not get hurt picking out that many tiny pieces of glasses…and i hope the damage to the car is well beyond your deductibles…and i hope you get a loaner easily…

    in any way, 破财免灾啦…

  2. Jie, thanks… we couldn’t pick all the pieces out without some tool so we just did the ones on the driver seat (I could sit at the back seat) until we got home…

    luckily the only thing that’s damaged is the sunroof glass, nothing else… don’t know the exact number yet, but definitely more than the deductible

  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you. What a terrible shame that the perpetrator got away with this.

  4. What’s ironic is the police, when writing down report, said something like “if we found them..” then he paused, we kinda laughed and said “right”…

    lesson learned: never leave ANYTHING in the car.

  5. Glad the damage wasn’t worse, but I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

  6. thank you, that’s what i thought too, could’ve been alot worse..

  7. 怎么也想不到香港超市后面的停车楼会发生这种事。我们总在那边停车。还以为挺安全的呢。看来没有绝对安全的地方。法拉盛还是经常有些游手好闲的人在乱转的。

    安慰安慰。还是赶快把车顶修了吧。看看有什么办法把车顶也装上警报器。遇上连car charger都要的穷贼真是没有办法。只能当是捐钱给法拉盛社区了。

  8. 很可怕,可以理解,来到香港以后就不曾提心吊胆过,不用担心路上遇贼,不用担心夜里被抢,也不用担心没有半夜会有人从窗户里摸进来……

    可是一旦碰到一次,那种后怕会影响很长时间心情的~~~comfort benben~~~


  9. 我们还好啦,没什么怕,倒觉得很庆幸,重要东西偏偏那天都带在身上了(我平时时常把钱包也留在车里),否则我驾照信用卡没了后果不堪设想(因为他第二天就上飞机走人了)。。。


  10. 博主真是聪明过人啊!连匿名苹果都被挑出来了!

  11. hahahaha,挑出来好扔垃圾桶啊~~~ 哈哈~~


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