DWTS Week 5 Results: Ratings

Not much to write about tonight. In my post yesterday I initially wrote in my prediction that “Jane could be in bottom two”, then I edited it out. Just shows you one should always trust her first instinct. Never second guess.

Mark Cuban’s journey is over. My best wishes to him.  

Why did they keep replaying the Marie fainting moment over and over again? I know why. The producers wanted to capitalize on the dramatic, so more people would come watch the show. Did you read the news this morning? The Marie-fainting-on-DWTS story was all over the place (it was even on CNN’s Most Popular Stories). I’m sure lots of curious people who didn’t know about Dancing with the Stars or wasn’t watching the show before would tune in just to see what went on. The producers just took advantage of it and decided to play the drama card to the max, “look, what a dramatic, you-never-know-whats-gonna-happen, LIVE show this is!”. 

Ratings. Everything is about ratings.

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3 responses to “DWTS Week 5 Results: Ratings

  1. Ratings….and it was hilarious when she just fell over.

  2. It’s funny I was at this particualr taping (when Marie fainted) and at the Live show Tom said only the east coast would see what happened, it would surely be edited by the west coast feed.

    I’ve seen it… oh… about 1,000 times since then.

  3. crystal, i knew you went to the taping that week (i left a long comment on your week 5 post but it seems you never saw it)

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