Write. Speak.


When it comes to written and spoken English, I want to ask you these questions:

Does writing a lot help you speak better?
Does speaking a lot help you write better?

Think about it.

If you ask me, my answer to both questions is no.

I have lots of theories when it comes to language, and this is one of them. There are four elements in learning a foreign, or any language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Here are what I think of the four and their relations to each other:

  • Reading a lot help you write better
  • Writing a lot help you write better
  • Listening a lot help you speak better
  • Speaking a lot help you speak better even more

Familiarity with written words, through reading, helps you in the process of composing words in writing. Familiarity with spoken words, through listening, helps you in the process of composing words verbally.

And of course, ultimately, as we all know, the more you write, the better you write; the more you speak, the better you speak.


On an irrelevant note, I think if you love writing, you most likely love talking too. So in that regard, most bloggers are big talkers.

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11 responses to “Write. Speak.

  1. your language theory seems pretty spot on to me.

    i’m definitely a chatterbox with the right company. problem is the right company is hard to come by, hence the blogging. ;)

  2. Exactly!

    and sometimes we just want to Talk, regardless if anyone hears it, hence, blogging!

  3. 还有一点,喜欢写blog的人往往都比较……自恋……

  4. 那不叫自恋,那叫自我感觉良好,或者更上一层,比较自信,哈哈哈

    Kidding aside, i think having Detailed Blog Stats (hits per article, per day, referral etc) is paramount to blogging because it gives you the feedback and the sense that you indeed are not talking to yourself! (comments do that too but most people read and never comment, the only way to know they exist is through stats).

    呵呵,MSN Live Spaces这点就不行啦。。。不比不知道,搬到Wordpress来之后才发现,海阔天空 :-)

  5. 我完全完全同意你的看法,光这个Recent Comments MSN就没有,感觉很不方便。其实我觉得很多comments,或者说一问一答间的互动比原来的blog都精彩。


  6. “可是MSN有一个好处,它能在每次打开时告诉你最近有你的那个朋友(当然也是用MSN的人)更新了blog。同时当然,你的更新别人也能随时看见。唉对于我这种懒人,这个功能实在是不能缺少的。。。”

    你们不兴用RSS Reader订阅吗,可以把所有人的blog都放在一个地方,谁有新post就popup个窗口,跟email一样。。。看一下screenshot就明白了:http://www.sharpreader.net/screenshots.html

    我都是用SharpReader读你们所有人的blogs,还有很多news blogs,每天只要查一个地方,而且新post很快就知道了。。。


    my subscription URL:

    MSN Live spaces blogs’ RSS URL is at

  7. I tried to install SharpReader last time and was promoted that I need to download windows updates. I had some bad experiences with windows updates and my company requires us to only download windows updates approved by IT department. So, I thought I won’t be able to install SharpReader any more until today. I figured that I can download the .Net framework separately which is required by SharpReader. I downloaded here:


    .NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package

    And all problem resolved. I have to agree that SharpRead is a good tool for reading blogs. Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. 3.0? all SharpReader needs is .Net Framework 2.0. I don’t have 3.0 and it runs fine.

  9. Dear,昨天我终于决定重新启用PPC上面的RSS了(以前那个盗版软件过期了,一直懒得找新的,昨天找到了个新的,叫“抓鹅”,霍霍)。

    现在每天早上起床,把PPC打开,洗漱完后你们的blog更新就都已经收下来了,地铁的半小时正好可以慢慢看 :)

  10. offline reader的问题是,如果我的post里用了Read More tag,就截断了,你得click Read More link连回网站来读,这样就得有网才行了。

    MSN好像没有这个more tag… 没见你们的帖子用过

  11. Well I can say for my self, Writing has made me a better speaker and listener, I have always been a good listener, but since writing, I find myself “watching” what I say and carefully choosing my words… Good Blog, Thanks

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