DWTS Week 4 Results: Wade Robson

What an artist he is. The lighting, music, costume, staging, choreography, everything was so intriguing. He “creates” dances like nobody else. 

(If you like his choreographies like I do, I have a collection of best So You Think You Can Dance dance videos that have some of his best work for that show).

And this is the first time I see Wade dance. He seems to be a really good dancer, but having seen all 3 seasons of his work on So You Think You Can Dance, I think it’s safe to say however good dancer he is, he’s a much better choreographer, if not a genious one.

On to the results show.

A bit surprised to see Cameron do the encore. I knew they try to have different people do the encore (Sabrina, Helio, Jennie did in the first 3) but I thought maybe it’d be Mel B’s turn this time (her VW last night was very elegant).

Who’d have thought, she instead ended up in the bottom two.

I know I’m not the only person who can’t stand Jimmy Kimmel and his bad jokes. His constant relying on dressing up his “parking lot security guard” Guillermo in all sorts of weirdo way to force you laugh (while you just can’t) not only is not funny, but just shows how little he can do other than by degrading someone by dressing him like an idiot. If ABC’s purpose was to promote his talk show through Dancing with the Stars, I think the opposite has probably happened.

Next week is Latin week!

I think it will be a true test for Sabrina if she gets Rumba instead of the faster paced Samba. Her legs, or knees, don’t stay very close together when she dances and that’s a no no for Rumba. Jennie should be able to do well in both. Jane, from what we saw in the Mambo, hip action was definitely not her strength, which will be a problem for her next week. Samba maybe easier for her to get by. None of the men, except for maybe Cameron, strikes me as someone who can get through a Samba routine without looking funny. Mark Cuban may be seeing his end next week.

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5 responses to “DWTS Week 4 Results: Wade Robson

  1. Don’t count out Mark Cuban and his blog power to get votes.

    Agree with everything you said about Wade Robson. How come I can’t find the video of him yet?

  2. Lots of people (me included) voted for Mark because his honest hard work and judges’ constant down-scoring him the last couple of weeks. I don’t know how much of those will continue once the judges start giving him fair scores and other contestants keep out-dancing him… (i know i won’t)

    you can find some of Wade’s best choreographies for SYTYCD in my post here


    or did you mean last night’s piece

  3. Wade is so Great, he is wonderful, In my opinion, he has truly grown in his dance choreography. He is LIVES out of the box, constantly stretching our imagination about dance.

    I recently wrote about him on my blog, Check it out!


  4. Your welcome, visiting your blog was great. Yes Busta Mod was Fab. I loved Hummingbird, AND Oh MY GOODNESS can I tell you how much I LOVED Mandy More’s sweet dreams dance. I love talent!!!!!

    Great collection you have!

    • Man, I wish the dance blogging coutmnimy could come together as much as some other blogging communities do actually parts of it do, the tango blog coutmnimy seems to be pretty vibrant and close-knit, but bloggers in other styles seem to be getting a slow start. I’ve noticed plenty of dance bloggers that write as if they’re talking from a soap box, and never acknowledge comments at all and certainly never comment on others’ blogs. It seems like if someone ignores the commenting and coutmnimy aspect of blogging, they’re missing out on where the most interesting and enjoyable part of the whole thing.

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