DWTS Week 4: The Judges

  • What’s up with those judges tonight? All of a sudden Carrie Ann got into an anti-lift obsession. And once again they seemed to be determined to single out Sabrina as the front runner, as if we didn’t already get. That Paso Doble was great but not perfect.

    And once again they failed to see that Mark Cuban did better than Floyd Mayweather. Maybe it was just me I can’t for the life of me see what’s so good about Floyd’s posture or whatever they were praising him. I thought that was the worst Paso I’ve ever seen.

  • Right after Jennie finished her Paso I said to myself that if Sabrina got three 10s, this should have two. She surprised me in how good she did in such a muscular dance.
  • Mel B had really nice lines in her Waltz, and good rise and falls. I think she should’ve gotten better scores than Jane did.
  • Marie has great personality but her Waltz was sub-par. Of course, the judges thought different. 8-|
  • The music selections for Paso have always been the worst of all dances, tonight was no exception.
  • Don’t remember how many times this has happened but Helio once again benefited the most from Julianne’s amazing choreography. His rise and fall was not very good at all.
  • For some reason the judges seemed to have decided that everyone should get similar scores no matter how they do except for Sabrina and Mark Cuban, the former should get highest no matter what she does, and the latter the lowest no matter how he does. They are not adjusting their scores based on each’s physical capability, but rather are judging them on the same ground, which was not very fair in my opinion.

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